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Built E-LS12-MDT 12-Inch - 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve (Micro Dot)

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This laptop sleeve will accommodate most 12.1-Inch notebooks. It¿s composed of extra-thick durable neoprene, which will provide maximum protection for your notebook. With its unique bone shape, it conforms to the size of your computer and creates an instant, built-in bumper system for extra protection. Its exclusive Shark Gill Grips, on the sides, makes gripping and handling slip-free. Safely slide your notebook in and out of your briefcase or luggage with ease. Sleeve lays flat when not in use. Perfect for business travelers and urban nomads alike. Micro Dot. Machine washable.

Technical Details

- Neoprene laptop sleeve
- Accommodates most 12.1-Inch notebooks
- Proprietary hourglass shape provides an instant, built-in bumper system for extra protection
- Safely slide your notebook in and out of your briefcase or luggage with ease; sleeve lays flat when not in use
- Machine washable
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Customer Buzz
 "Does Not Fit 13" Macbook" 2009-08-25
By B33RRUNNER (Cleveland, OH USA)
I bought this because a reviewer said it fit the 13" macbook. It doesn't - not even close. From my $5.80 mistake, measure twice - order once! Nice sleeve; however. Dig the colors, pattern and the price.

Customer Buzz
 "seems ok" 2009-08-20
By splasha (Trinidad)
Ok I just got my sleeve today. I didn't know it was going to have a sturdy finish as I was expecting the sleeve to have a soft spongy effect, one that would allow me to carry my laptop around in my handbag in a soft casing to avoid scratches. Nevertheless I am not too disappointed. It fits my hp dv4 perfectly. I chose this festive pattern because it just seemed unique from the boring solid colours. I have no regrets.

Customer Buzz
 "good case, but wrong color sent" 2009-07-22
By N. Palomares (California)
The color of the item as shown on amazon was different than what Adorama sent me. I ordered the laptop sleeve in Stripe, but Adorama sent me Soho Stripe. Even the shapes and sizes of the stripes are different. The item I wanted and thought I was ordering had bright colors (such as purple, red, orange, pink), whereas the item I actually received had darker, less bright colors (such as brown, dark green, tan). I asked them to resolve the problem, but they said they sent the correct color. But clearly, what they sent me was NOT the same color I actually ordered. They said I could send it back for a partial refund. So I would have lost money for something that was not my fault. I had to contact amazon directly to get full refund. BEWARE of ordering from Adorama; get from different seller who will send the correct color. Notwithstanding my problem with Adorama, the sleeve would have fit my 13" Macbook Pro laptop perfectly.

Customer Buzz
 "Built 12"-13" laptop sleeve with macbook" 2009-05-22
By L. Aubry (Pennsylvania)
I just opened the box from Amazon and slipped my 13" aluminum macbook in. Fits like a glove. There was another review that said this didn't work with the 13" mac, which leads me to belive they didn't recieve the right item. This is perfect.

Customer Buzz
 "Fits Mac Book Pro 15" well." 2009-03-16
By Madz
I got this after carrying around my laptop loose in my backpack with my textbooks. Seems to cushion it well, and it's nice to carry around individually because the fabric doesn't slip out of my hands. It's a tight fit but does fit for my mac book pro 15".

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Buy Built E-LS12-MDT 12-Inch - 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve (Micro Dot) Now

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