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ipod usb travel power charger adapter for nano, shuffle, 4g, mini, photo and u2- hhi brand


Buy Cheap iPod USB Travel Power Charger Adapter for Nano, Shuffle, 4G, Mini, Photo and U2- HHI Brand


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HHI-Handhelditems manufactured by IGg Factory Inc. with quality iPod accessories. Buy directly from manufacture IGg Factory Inc- with product guaranteed** Here are more product descriptions- Need to charge your iPod at work or when going out of town? Don't even bother to unplug the original charger from home. Simply carry an extra handy and light travel charger and you can charge up anytime, anywhere!



Technical Details

- Handhelditems brand with reliable iPod accessories.

- Charging Shuffle (first generation only) directly without USB cable. Just plug your iPod Shuffle into the charger and you are set.

- The lightweight construction makes it easy to travel with

- Foldable compact desgined. Allows for true portablity when your on the go

- Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode to prevent overcharging.

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Customer Buzz


 "One Night Stand" 2010-03-17

By I. M. Reider

This charger worked as advertised a grand total of one time before it failed. I left my iPod in the charger for several hours on at least three other occasions with no real measurable results (the battery charge status light did not change from orange to green). I charged the iPod via one of the USB ports on my PC for about three hours and the battery status light changed from orange to green. So much for the portable charger.

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 "Nice idea" 2010-01-26

By Andrew (Hawaii)

Never arrives, and amazon sends a mail saying they won't charge me, then amazon charges anyway. I just paid $3.80 for something that I will never have. Not a large loss, but bad customer service.

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 "Fits my needs" 2009-11-09

By A. Whipple

This works exactly as expected. Plug my ipod shuffle in and charges it. No bells & whistles - does not indicate charge level or anything, but what can you expect for $0.13? It is great for travel or when a computer isn't available.

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 "Great value for your money" 2009-11-03

By Jay B. (St. Louis, MO USA)

This product does the job perfectly at a good price. I used to charge my ipod through my computer so I have to let it attach to it until my ipod is fully charged. With this I can charge my ipod anytime without the hassle of having to open up the computer. It does not overcharge your ipod too..

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 "Works great" 2009-09-02

By Callie (West Valley City, UT)

This charger works well for pretty much everything except for my brother's cell phone. That's alright though because I got it so I could charge my MP3 player when I'm at my friend's house. It's small enough that I can carry it with me when I'm traveling or stay at my friend's. It's great for the price and definitely worth buying!

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Buy iPod USB Travel Power Charger Adapter for Nano, Shuffle, 4G, Mini, Photo and U2- HHI Brand Now


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