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Zeikos ZE-TR101A 72-Inch Full Size Tripod

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The Zeikos 72-Inch Photo and Video tripod features a special carrying handle as well as a professional foam grip. It has self leveling rubber leg tips as well as built-in bubble levels. It has a 3-way pan head and 3 section legs. It includes a deluxe carrying case and has a 10 year limited warranty.

Technical Details

- Extends to 72-Inch
- Non slip foam for an easy grip
- 3 way pan head
- Mid level bracing system
- Bubble level
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Customer Buzz
 "it's ok I guess" 2009-10-02
By drderek (knoxville,TN)
I recently bought this tripod for a family trip to the beach. I am relatively new to slr photography and this is my first tripod.

When the tripod first arrived the knob for setting the head for portrait shots would not stay on. However I called customer service and they did send me replacement knob for the one that turned out to be stripped.

Even so, that function of the head is more or less useless since the swivel is not strong enough to really stay where you set it and the weight of the camera pulls it down. Fortunately I figured out that you can take portrait shots anyway simply by putting the camera on sideways and using the tilt.

Since I was at the beach, naturally I attempted some sunrise/sunset landscape shots. This is how i found out that the bubble level is pretty much useless. I figure either the bubble is wrong, or it levels the legs beautifully and the poorly-made head doesn't sit level on them, or the ocean itself is off level. I did notice that even after everything was leveled, panning would throw it off again which makes me think its the head and not the un-level ocean. Either way it was a hassle to have to look through the viewfinder whilst leveling the legs every time you wanted to pan or move the tripod.

Overall, I guess it did what its supposed to, although I will definitely be looking for a better tripod that won't be such a pain in the neck to set up each shot. I guess I should have listened to what other people have posted on the net about bargain tripods, but I guess you have to try everything for yourself before you can fully understand.

Customer Buzz
 "decent" 2009-08-30
By George B. Renshaw
for the low price its ok, as titled decent in comparison to a professional super solid model. For a novice photographer on a low budget its pretty good.

Customer Buzz
 "Zeikos AE-TRI101A review" 2009-07-20
By Newell Roundy (Prescott, AZ)
I recently returned from a photographic trip for my company taking over 1400 pictures and used the Zeikos tripod extensively. I am very pleased with it's performance. My product test usually is; "would I buy another one?". Absolutely!

Customer Buzz
 "very good for the price" 2009-06-20
By J. Ponce (California)
I like the product, good for the house or sport event to keep the camcorder stable,

Customer Buzz
 "Great For The Price" 2009-02-09
By Scott Hildenbrand (MD)
Its easy to give this product five stars because it performs amazingly and the price it outstanding. I've used this tripod for all sorts of projects from photography to time lapse work and night work using infrared cameras. Every camera it has held well and sturdy and has performed without any flaws. It has great height to get low to high shots which for me makes overview work easy.

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Buy Zeikos ZE-TR101A 72-Inch Full Size Tripod Now

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