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Sony DVD-R 16x Recordable DVD (4.7GB) - 100 Disc Spindle

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Create, capture, edit and archive home movies and digital photos, while storing and accessing data from one DVD-R disc. A perfect companion to your DVD Handycam® camcorder, this 100-pack spindle of 16X DVD-R recordable discs captures all digital data brilliantly, and is large enough to hold oversized digital movie files. Each disc holds 4.7 GB of information or 120 minutes of video.

Technical Details

-  4.7 Gb
-  120-Min Storage Capacity
-  Accucore Technology
-  Recording Speeds Vary
-  Spindle Pack
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Customer Buzz
 "Unreliable" 2009-09-28
By J. MacDonald
Having lots of problems recording reliably with this brand. About 1-in-3 or 1-in-4 is bad. Bad is defined as not playing on my PC. The drive busy light stays on but nothing is displayed by the player software. That's a high failure rate. All recordings were made on my Panasonic DMR-EH75V DVR. Bought these media at Costco. Previously they carried TDK brand. Had no problems with those. If 1-in-100 was bad, it was unusual.

Customer Buzz
 "don't work" 2009-05-27
By Eddie R (Westmont, NJ)
Usually use Tao Yuden. Got these cheap at BJ's. Can't get one to work.

Customer Buzz
 "Quick turn around time!" 2009-04-06
By L. Trujillo (Pennsylvania)
I was pleased with the quick turn around time in the shipping! Thanks so much!

Customer Buzz
 "best compatibility even in generic DVD players" 2009-01-24
By R. Rosa (brooklyn,n.y.)
a lot of blank DVD media will occasionally have a disc or two that may not format correctly or even if it does will not play in some

DVD players for problems of incorrect formatting but with the sony blank media you will seldom have problems with taking your burned

dvd discs from dvd player to player and at the average Amazon offered price it becomes an obvious no-brainer to purchase.

Customer Buzz
 "Wow, Cracked Case via FedEx... Beware..." 2008-12-24
By Congas (LOS ANGELES, CA United States)
I believe someone else (if not several others) had this exact same experience, and I was skeptical... but sure enough, opened my Amazon box and blarggg... discs splayed everywhere, on account of cracked plastic and -- i guess -- deflated/punctured sealed-air package material?

Dear Amazon,

Uhh, toss in some peanuts or padding or something. Give these cases some love, a little tenderness. I've seen the most ridiculous(ly awesome) care given to the most preposterous items. But DVDs scratch and crack, so give these badboys a little blanky for their treacherous journeys.

Ultimately, who cares... a few DVDs are gonna get tossed anyway, so it's not worth the time and delay to go through a return procedure, but it's worth pointing out since Amazon is so awesome in general.

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Buy Sony DVD-R 16x Recordable DVD (4.7GB) - 100 Disc Spindle Now

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