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Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case

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The Zeikos medium hard case features reinforced construction, handle, 2 locking clasps, 2 dividers and diced cut foam for easy customization. It has an adjustable, removeable shoulder strap and a 1 year warranty.

Technical Details

- Heavy duty case
- Customizable, diced foam for easy customization
- 2 removeable dividers
- Locking clasps
- Adjustable, removeable shoulder strap
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Customer Buzz
 "Great For The Price" 2009-10-26
By Victor Mannahan (Nevada, USA)
I was a little reluctant at first to buy this because most of these type of cases are cheap and flimsy, but I must say I was pleasently surprised. This case has nice corners and strong side panels. The latches hold strong, and the handle, allthough plastic, fits well into the hand. The colors of this case are also very pleasing to the eye. The combination of chrome, dark grey, and light grey really make it look like a high end equipment case. As for the interior, it is also well done. The pick and pluck foam insert is easy to work with, and easily customizes to any size or shape. I made a mistake and made one space too big, and I was easily able to make it the right size again by taking some of the used smaller peices and gluing them back together with standard rubber cement, so be sure to save all your plucked foam! The lid stays upright when open, which most cases do not. Overall the is a great case for the money, and shipping was very fast! I highly suggest getting one of these if your on a budget.

I am a paranormal investigator, and this holds all my delicate electronic equipment. I have suggested all my team members use these cases, and I will be buying more of them! [...]

Customer Buzz
 "Well built, good value" 2009-09-12
By William L. Davidson (Santa Fe)
This is a 5 star product. I gave it 4 as Amazon indicates that 5 stars is an, "I love it", recommendation which seems absurd for any non animate object.

This is a well designed, well built hard case at a very reasonable price. I bought my first Zeikos case about a month ago for photographic equipment and found it to be an excellent product. Needing more space, I recently purchased a second identical case through a different Amazon supplier than the first and my one concern with the second case is that it was shipped in a thin cardboard display box with little protection. But the case arrived undamaged, more of a recommendation for UPS and Zeikos than for the supplier.


Customer Buzz
 "Better Than Expected !" 2009-09-09
By M. Strong (maryland)
Even with shipping included this Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case came out to $36.44 which is much less than the comparable size of the major name brand. My thinking was that this would appear cheap & probably show signs of use after the slightest bumps & bruises but "who cares". I wasn't buying it to show it off. I was buying it to protect a camcorder, shotgun microphone, lens & various other items anyone of which cost considerably more than the case.

It wasn't made to survive a combat zone but I was a little surprised to find the build quality is better than I expected. This thing costs marginally more than a decent softbag. The difference being that if either were to fall off of a table or bang against a door jam you might seriously damage anything in a softbag. On the other hand the Zeikos may get marred or scuffed up but what's in it will be protected & that's all that really counts for me. The upside is that if I make even the slightest effort to take care of this case, what's in it will never suffer any damage.

The size is big enough to hold everything I needed except the tripod & I already have a bag for that. I have not cut the foam insert yet as I'm still waiting for the 4x ZOOM lens. Once I have everything I want to store in the case I will lay it out & it will be a breeze to set up form fitting spaces for each item as the foam is pre-cut.

I bought this case from an Amazon affiliate, "Electronics Club" & they sent me an E-mail saying it would be shipped on September 11th. They must have used a time warp to ship it because I received on September 9th. Over-all I'm real happy I could spend less than $50 for the piece of mind that I could protect over a $1,500 worth of sensitive & fragile camcorder & accessories.

If you're looking for a hard case that won't cost an arm & a leg, this is it.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Quality for a Great Price" 2009-09-08
By Webster D. Cass
This case is surprisingly durable. We have purchased this case before. Our electricians use them as heavy duty laptop cases when they are on jobsites. They take a beating, but really protect their contents. Great Cases. Would highly recommend. The customizable foam pading really allows you to make it a custom case for any piece of equipment.

Customer Buzz
 "Nice Case for the Money" 2009-09-05
By S. M. Sofka (Northern Michigan)
I bought this case for my camera and all the accys. Everything fits nicely. I would recommend this case for everyone that wants a quality low cost protective case for their gear.

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