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Zeikos ZE-FLK72 72mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit (UV-CPL-FLD)

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Zeikos 72mm Glass Multi Coated 3 piece Filter Kit consisting of an Ultra Violet (UV), Circular Polarizer (CPL), and a Fluorescent (FLD) Filter. They have Black metal rings to match most cameras. A hard, protective case is included.

Technical Details

- The perfect kit for most of your needs!
- Protect your lens, get rid of reflections and correct fluorescent lighting - all in one kit!
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Customer Buzz
 "Great filtes for the money" 2009-09-23
By Tamela M. Halvorson
These filters are great quality for the price. With filters you can spend a small fortune getting high quality and while I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for you also can't go wrong with these. I purchases two of the 52mm version of this set one for my 52mm lenses and one for my sister. I later purchased another lens but it was a 72mm so I had to get this set as well. All of the filters are Zeikos and have been great! If you are a professional photographer you may want to get a better quality but you will spend 10 times as much for just one filter. I am a hobbyist and this works just fine for me.

Filters can also help protect your expensive lens from damage. I always keep at least the UV filter on just for that reason. I use the CPL filter the most because I love what it does to the sky and colors. I don't use the FLD filter much because I don't take a lot of portraits under that kind of lighting.


Customer Buzz
 "Spend more and get better brand." 2009-08-01
By kyowvtv
The filters work fine, but the UV glass was loose. Poorly made. Recommend buy a better brand.

Customer Buzz
 "Not even worth the cheap price" 2009-07-26
By S. Sharma (Santa Clara, CA USA)
I bought these primarily for the CPL filter. I tried to use them with a Canon EF-S 18-200 lens. It was very difficult to attach them to the lens. Somehow I managed to screw them in front of the lens. I tried to take pictures in broad daylight. It was very difficult to achieve autofocus even though it was very bright outside. When I managed to achieve focus and take some pictures, the image quality was horrible. After a couple of hours of trial, I decided to return them. I filled out RMA request and returned them the very next day.

Customer Buzz
 "quality vs. cost" 2009-06-16
By Dilip Ramachandran (San Francisco)
it's a cheap product, it does a good enough job. i have a nikkor lens and you can see a drop in the quality of the image when using this filter. i've used other filters before and this one is lower in quality and sort of works against the money you spend on a good lens.

i dont use it much unless i'm bang smack in the day with lots of light and glare and it is working well for me

Customer Buzz
 "Cheap Quality and Rate" 2009-06-01
By Manokar B (Bloomfield CT)

Zeikos ZE-FLK72 72mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit (UV-CPL-FLD) is indeed a cheap product in terms of quality and price.

Since I was a first time entering to DSLR and have spent 1400$ on 18-200 VR lens and Nikon D90 I thought I would go cheaper on accessories. Well when I got similar prod from e-bay (with lots of extras for 23 bucks) it showed its quality. UV filter was ok (god know it may be just a plain glass but it should not affect my Img Qual) but I am not seeing any better results from Circ polarizer.. and the threads are not good If i put my CPL on UV both filters get stuck (not sure if I shouldn't put it on UV).... FLD gives a purple effect but I have not started using it. so no comments on it.

Well its a loss of 20$ will buy good ones later..

Following saying is true in photography

I am not rich enough to waste in cheaper products.


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Buy Zeikos ZE-FLK72 72mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit (UV-CPL-FLD) Now

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