Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sony VMC14UMB2 High Speed USB Cable for DCRDVD101/201/301

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Get Connected! Sony features an extensive line of cables that will complement your Audio/Video products and maximize their performance and usefulness.

Technical Details

- 1.4 meter cable connects your still camera or camcorder to a PC
- Designed for the unique requirements of Sony still cameras and camcorders
- USB 2.0 compliant
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Customer Buzz
 "Sony USB Cable" 2009-09-18
By Sandra J. Sibbitt (Oak Creek, WI)
I'm so happy I found tho item. The details about it were very informational for me to make sure that I had the right product. Fast Shipping! I will gladly use again in the future if needed!

Customer Buzz
 "Camera Cable" 2009-07-04
By J. Robnolt (Sherwood, AR USA)
This is as good as the OEM and works like it should. What more can be said?

Customer Buzz
 "Not a branded product" 2008-10-02
By Rahul Goyal
Advertisement shows that this is Sony USB Cable but what I got was not a branded coble at all. It also does not work properly. It works with picture package software but computer can not detect an external device without picture package. I am disappointed to buy this product.

Customer Buzz
 "Might have been good, if it had been compatible" 2007-08-13
By adamarie wallis (lebanon, tn United States)
I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-T9 camera and needed a cord to connect it to my computer. After attempting a search for compatible cords I found that this cord was listed as being compatible with my camera. It isn't. I had to return it. Amazon was wonderful about it, but I wish the cord had worked. Be careful about compatibility issues here. (I ended up buying a Sandisk Image Mate 5 in 1 reader for my memory card instead of trying for another cord)

Customer Buzz
 "More fragile than it seems" 2004-03-28
By Eric J. Lyman (Roma, Lazio Italy)
This cable works fine: no directions needed, and it automatically alerts the computer (at least it does mine: I use Apple's iPhoto) that the camera is plugged in, which means the necessary software is launched without any effort on the part of the user. What's more, if you own any of the excellent Sony Cybershot cameras, this is the only choice available for downloading photos to your computer.

But if you do use this, be sure to unplug the cable from the camera as soon as the download is complete. If you don't, you may learn as I did that the product has one design flaw: even a moderate amount of pressure on the camera with the plug still in could tilt the camera bend the end of the cable, pulling the metal part from the plastic and rendering the whole thing useless. Which explains why I'm on this page ordering a replacement.

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Buy Sony VMC14UMB2 High Speed USB Cable for DCRDVD101/201/301 Now

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