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Brand New Np-fm50, Fm70, Fm90, Qm71, Qm91 Battery Home Travel with Car Charger Adapter for Sony Digital Camera & Camcorder

Buy Cheap Brand New Np-fm50, Fm70, Fm90, Qm71, Qm91 Battery Home Travel with Car Charger Adapter for Sony Digital Camera & Camcorder

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compatible w/ Models DSC-F707 / DSC-S30 / DSC-S50 / DSC-S70 / DSC-S75 / DSC-S85 / MVC-CD200 / MVC-CD250 / MVC-CD300 / MVC-CD350 / MVC-CD400 / MVC-CD500 / DCR-TRV6 / DCR-TRV11 / DCR-TRV15 / DCR-TRV16 / DCR-TRV17 / DCR-TRV18 / DCR-TRV19 / DCR-TRV20 / DCR-TRV22 / DCR-TRV25 / DCR-TRV27 / DCR-TRV30 / DCR-TRV33 / DCR-TRV37 / DCR-TRV38 / DCR-TRV39 / DCR-TRV40 / DCR-TRV50 / DCR-TRV70 / DCR-TRV80 / DCR-TRV108 / DCR-TRV140 / DCR-TRV230 / DCR-TRV240 / DCR-TRV318 / DCR-TRV330 / DCR-TRV340 / DCR-TRV530 / DCR-TRV740 / DCR-TRV818 / DCR-DVD200 / DCR-TRV828 / DCR-TRV830 / DCR-TRV840 / DCR-TRV950 / DCR-DVD100 / DCR-DVD300 / DCR-PC5 / DCR-PC9 / DCR-PC100 / DCR-PC101 / DCR-PC105 / DCR-PC110 / DCR-PC115 / DCR-PC330 / DCR-F828 / DCR-TR648 / DCR-GV-D1000 / DCR-TRV730 Compatible Battery Sony NP-FM50, FM70, FM90, QM71, QM91

Technical Details

- Slim and portable design. Smart LED charging status indicator. Voltage: 100V - 240V. UL & CE listed.
- AC/DC output for both home and travel use. Collapsible plug on the back of wall charger.
- Built in battery protection and fault detection. Car charger adapter included.
- High performance fully automatic charger designed to quickly and safely charge digital camera.
- The charger is for charging battery only. It does not work as AC adapter for digital camera or camco
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Customer Buzz
 "wate of money" 2009-09-17
By ahnah74 (United States)
I bought this charger for my Battery for Sony NP-FM50 and it didn't work. The light came on, but there weren't the right connections for this battery to charge. And yes, I tried it several different ways in the charger to try to get it to charge, I even left it in for 24hrs and still no charge. Instead I had to charge it in the camera via the camera charger. This was a complete waste of time and money.

Customer Buzz
 "NOT a SONY!" 2008-09-18
By Alice (Kentucky, USA)
When I purchased this item, I was under the impression it was a Sony Digital Camera Battery Charger, as advertised. It is definitely not! I am not, however displeased with the product, as it is working very well, and charges my batteries quickly. If it were not working so well, I'd give it a much lower rating for false advertising, which really bothers me.

I like the red light that turns green when the battery has finished charging.

Good product for the price, but not a Sony.

Customer Buzz
 "What A GREAT Product!" 2008-07-04
By M. Cartwright (Oceanside, California)
This is so versatile and have had NO problems! Best part of this,is you are not overheating your camera by charging it's battery while IN the cam. This is far nicer & safer all around. Plus, 110V or 12V? How can you go wrong...

Customer Buzz
 "Great Charger!" 2007-09-03
By R. Farr
This is an portable charger for Sony digital cameras that takes up little space - a great feature is the power plug folds up when not in use. It is the pefect size for the camera case. It is intelligent and stops charging when the battery is full. I used the charger for the battery on a Sony DSC-S85 and it works fine - it took a couple of hours to charge a totally dead battery. This is a really great quality charger and you cannot beat the price!

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Battery Charger" 2007-05-17
By S. Marquez- Fernandez (PR, USA)

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Buy Brand New Np-fm50, Fm70, Fm90, Qm71, Qm91 Battery Home Travel with Car Charger Adapter for Sony Digital Camera & Camcorder Now

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