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Sony Alpha DSLRA350 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization (Body Only)

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With incredible 14.2 MP detail, Sony¿s ¿ (alpha) DSLR-A350 raises the standard of excellence for step-up digital photographers shooting both family memories and fine-art photos. Live Preview in a large 2.7¿ LCD screen links you and your subject -- and you¿ll have special features like super-quick AF response, continuous shooting at 2 fps while you see your subject in the viewfinder, Creative Style modes for quick recall of custom settings, and in-camera Super SteadyShot image stabilization that reduces blur with every Sony, Carl Zeiss and legacy Minolta a-mount lens.

Technical Details

- Incredible 14.2 MP for ultra-high-resolution detail
- High sensitivity (ISO 3200) with noise reduction
- Tiltable 2.7¿ LCD screen for high/low angle shots
- Super-quick AF response to catch the perfect moment
- Super SteadyShot in-camera image stabilization
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Customer Buzz
 "Great Step Up from the Minolta 5D" 2009-10-04
By R. D. Johnson
I bought the alpha 350 to replace my Minolta 5D, and have been very happy with the features. The LCD live view is particularly helpful in capturing candid shots, but the image lags behind the position of the actual subject, sometimes causing you to miss the photo you want. I've found it most useful to frame the subject on the screen, but look at the subject live while depressing the shutter release.

Customer Buzz
 "Cross Over to Digital" 2009-09-17
By Chaz Chillers
I have been shooting for more then 30 years now and any god photgrapher will tell that the only thing tha you have to have is light and a good camera. the lest that you have too do to get a good shot the better.

Its like batman and his utility belt you will need stuff but the Sony A350 is One of the king of a well thought out DSLr's joy too work with view finder clear clean

image fast focus lens the tine flash is unreal edge to edge coverage is by far one of the best that I have Used. Not to SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST.but the flip screen now that's the kicker all and all this is the tool of tools for me Canon Nikon you better look out

Customer Buzz
 "Sony DSLR A 350" 2009-09-15
By W. Baxter (Roswell, Ga. United States)
I had the initial Sony DSLR A100 and decided to move up to the A 350. So far I have been very pleased with the camera. It has additional features not found on the A 100. I in paricular like the pop up flash which activites automatically when indicated unlike the A 100 which had to be raised manually. It also has 4.2 more mega-pixels than the A 100. My only concern is the package in which the camera arrived. The package appeared to have possibly been exposed to liquid for it looked as if it had been wet and then dried out. This is reason I have only given it 3 stars. I still have a concern that something may show up later as a result of whatever caused the packing problem.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Alpha 350 DSLR 14.2MP Camera" 2009-09-13
By Byron W. Childress (Philadelphia, PA USA)
I am very pleased with the Sony A-350 DSLR Camera that I purchased on Amazon.com The camera arrived just two days after purchased. I am a photography student and this is my second Sony DSLR. My first was the Sony A-100, also an excellent camera. The photos that I have taken with the A-350 are outstanding. I have produced a series of butterfly photos, taken in my flower garden that are selling as fast as I can print and frame them. The excellent color and detail that is produced by the Sony A-350 is amazing.

I reccomend this camera to anyone who is a serious photographer. I reccomend also that you purchase it at Amazon.com, because they make sure that you get what you are promised and that you get it delivered quickly.

Byron W. Childress

WaveWalker Photography

Customer Buzz
 "Works Great" 2009-09-03
By Allan (Los Angeles, CA)
Specifically bought the body only for use with my Minolta AF lens from my film Maxxum 9000 days. Been wanting a dslr for a few years and finally did the dirty deed. Had a great opportunity to 'learn' this past week in the Eastern Sierra. It's one of those practice, practice, practice learning curves, but love the results thus far. If anyone's interested in the pix they can go to promoguy.smugmug.com and check out the pix in the gallery Eastern Sierra. Took me until the last couple of days to get the purpose of ae but once I did, it make a world of difference.

And while I'm at it, may a give a big shout out to onecall.com who amazon partnered with.

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Buy Sony Alpha DSLRA350 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization (Body Only) Now

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