Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sony 5Dmr30L1H 1.4 Gb Camcorder 8Cm Write Once Dvd-R (5 Pk)

Buy Cheap Sony 5Dmr30L1H 1.4 Gb Camcorder 8Cm Write Once Dvd-R (5 Pk)

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30 Minute Storage For Sony DVD Handycam(R) Camcorders / 100x more scratch-resistant / Archival reliability / Repels dust, debris and fingerprints

Technical Details

-  2.8 Gb
-  30-Min Storage Capacity
- Includes Jewel Case
-  5 Pk
- Repels dust, debris and fingerprints
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Customer Buzz
 "Great quality, clear picture, no vibration" 2009-07-30
By A4Q96 (Baltimore, MD USA)
I have purchased several different brands of disc, and these provide a better picture quality, clearer sound, and no vibration, whereas the competitive brands available - Ridata and Memorex, both vibrated and had poorer picture quality. I recommend paying for Sony. A bit more but completely worth it.

Customer Buzz
 "Perfect Quality" 2008-12-16
By Robert H. Thomson (Renovo, Pa)
When using my DVD camera I want the best clear picture quality and the Sony-r does that.

Customer Buzz
 "used many of these" 2008-06-24
By B. Isheim (Fresno, CA)
i have used many of these with my sony camcorder. they work well but it would be nice to be able to fit more video on them.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony DVD-R" 2008-01-12
By F. Stellino (New Jersey)
Don't buy the non sony products for your Sony Video cam. The camera will sometimes reject them. This DVD works excellent with your camera.

Customer Buzz
 "Good product" 2008-01-02
By R (NY, USA)
I used to use different brand DVD-RW for my Sony DVD recorder. I did not have any problems with the DVD-RW, but I just realized that I wanted to save my video data in one DVD-R media and watch it with the same media. I did not want to delete the content and used it again for another time. To save the video data and keep watching it on the same DVD-R, this is the product I trust.

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Buy Sony 5Dmr30L1H 1.4 Gb Camcorder 8Cm Write Once Dvd-R (5 Pk) Now

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