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Sony Alpha LCD Protector Cover for DSLR-A700

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LCD Protector cover for the DSLR-A700

Technical Details

- Material --- Polycarbonate
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Customer Buzz
 "Does the job" 2009-08-23
By Page Brooks (Florence, SC United States)
I've had this protector on my Sony Alpha 700 since I bought the camera and I haven't had any problems with it. You forget it's even there, which is a good thing.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Protection!!" 2009-08-04
By Mary Raiford (Central Virginia)
I absolutely hate when my viewing screens gets scratched, and it never takes long for it to happen... This handy little protector is awesome~ it doesn't take away from the clarity on the screen one bit, either!

Customer Buzz
 "Not so sure about this one" 2009-07-25
By Adam Ansels (S.E. USA)
Have had my A700 for almost a year & do NOT have a single scratch on it. Read these reviews & bought one. Fits great, does not affect the viewing & the cost was OK. Now, I do not think that the protector is as good (hardness) as it should be. Got tons of scratches within days to a week. Took it off again & haven't had a scratch on the actual LCD screen. It may only slightly protect the LCD from breakage but is too easy to scratch!

Appears that if you use your camera daily/often then you will be buying replacements monthly (if you want to keep the viewing clear of scratches). Then the cost of ownership goes up & value down. Just my 2 cents. My opinion is that if it were made of the exact same material as the actual LCD screen (even if a bit thicker than this product), it would be more useful. I'd gladly pay the extra price for it.

Customer Buzz
 "A Necessity, But Could Be Better..." 2009-06-15
By Diego Raigoza Nuñez (Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico)
Im usually satisfied with the Sony products Ive purchased for my A700 but this is one exception...

The LCD Protector Cover for the A700 is an item you DO need in order to protect that big LCD screen in your camera. The mere fact of using the camera poses a threat to the screen of becoming scratched, and its WAY WAY WAY cheaper to replace one of these than the actual LCD screen (which may mean replacing the whole body) thats why this item is required.

However, unlike other camera makers' protective covers, this one isnt all that good.

For exaample, the Nikon covers protect the whole screen and seal the area around it, and the A700's cover doesnt do that.

It leaves a small open gap between it and the screen, which allows dust to get inside and stick to the screen due to the fact it (the screen) has charge and attracts dust particles. This poses a problem when reviewing pictures and that weird speck leads you to believe the sensor is dirty or distracts you from the image.

Another problem is that under certain angles, it creates internal flares which makes the reviewing of pictures hard. I dont know if its an inherent effect due to how light bounces on the plastic or if the kind of plastic used has something to do with this.

Another option to protect the screen is to buy protective film and attach it directly, but that will only protect against scratches, not bumps.

This product certainly has its flaws and it may be expensive for some due to its shortcomings but you got to consider that it at least protects the screen from some dust, bumps or scratches. And its far more wise to pay for this than to have to pay 300 bucks or more in case the LCD is scratched too much or cracked due to use.

I do recommend this accessory but not completely, I suggest you look for other options to protect your screen, and if you dont find something better, then go for this one. Like I already said, between this and a repair, its better to have this.

And on the bright side, if something happens to this, you can always replace it at a small cost.

Customer Buzz
 "Perfect Cover" 2009-05-09
By Erik B. Ammon
I love it! It's amazingly easy to install! It does not hinder the view of the screen in any way and offers perfect protection for my LCD! I got it to protect the display when I am hiking on and off trail and it does the job!

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