Monday, November 2, 2009

Sony VAD-HA Lens Adaptor Ring for DSC-H20

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Lets you use compatible Sony add-on lenses with your DSC-H20 Cyber-shot camera

Technical Details

- Lens adaptor for DSC-H20 Cyber-shot camera
- Compatible with select Sony conversion lenses (VCL-DH0758, VCL-DH1758, VCL-M3358) and filters (VF-58M, VF-58CPK S)
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Customer Buzz
 "Request/Complaint SONY VAD-HA Lens Adaptor Ring" 2009-09-16
By Wanda F. Armstrong (Livermore, CA)
I ordered this camera part for a young college student who lives in Brazil. She tried to order the part (which is not available in Brazil) but could not find a supplier who would ship it to her in Brazil, even though she was willing to pay the shipping costs. She is doing photography to help pay college expenses and needed this item. Her part of Brazil, nor her family is wealthy so Silvia works very hard to pay for an education. Aside from doing photography she cleans houses and whatever other work she can find.

I would like to see a more personal side to on-line sellers who would entertain the thought of shipping an item where ever it is needed as a personal service to special circumstance customers. Just add another option to the shipping of your products or merchandise.

Thanks for listening.

Customer Buzz
 "Disapointed" 2009-07-14
By Peppy (Illinois)
This product appears to be well made and it locks on well to the camera. It will hold a lens, UV filter, etc. HOWEVER, as it tells you in the instructions, with this adaptor ring attached "The AF illuminator and the built-in-flash cannot be used." Also "When using the conversion lens with the filter or protector, a part of the screen may darken." The flash can be used but the adaptor barrel shadows the lower 1/8th of the picture, especially pronounced at wide angle. However, it does not seem to vignette even at wide angle. As yet I have not experienced any problem associated with the obstruction of the AF illuminator. I can NOT believe that Sony would engineer an accessory that diminished the usability of the Sony H20 camera for which it was designed. I would Never have purchased this adapator ring had I known of this problem. The Sony site certainly did NOT mention it.

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