Monday, October 12, 2009

Sony VCL-HGA07 HG Wide Angle Conversion Lens 0.7x for 30/37mm

Buy Cheap Sony VCL-HGA07 HG Wide Angle Conversion Lens 0.7x for 30/37mm

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Broaden your field of view with these high grade lenses.They offer unmatched ease of use, making them the accessories of choice for reducing distortion and boosting image detail in a wide angle format

Technical Details

- Includes Carrying Pouch, Lens cap (front) and Lens cap (back)
- Compatibility - HDR-SR8, DCR-SR300C, DCR-SR200C 100GB Handycam(R) Camcorder, DCR-SR200, DCR-SR300 40GB Handycam(R) Camcorder, HDR-SR7, HDR-CX7, HDR-HC5, HDR-HC7, HDR-SR5C, HDR-SR5 High Definition Handycam(R) Camcorder, HDR-UX5, HDR-UX7 AVCHD DVD Handycam(R) Camcorder, DCR-DVD508, DCR-DVD408 DVD Handycam(R) Camcorder, HDR-SR11 60GB High Definition Handycam(R) Camcorder, HDR-SR12 120GB High Definition Handycam(R) Camcorder, and HDR-HC9 MiniDV HD Handycam(R) Camcorder
- Dimensions - Length 1-7/8 x Diameter 2-5/8 (46.5x66.2mm)
- Weight - 212 grams (7.5 ounces)
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Customer Buzz
 "Great topp Quaity Sony Lens at excellant price" 2009-09-26
By Thule1 (Virginia, usa)
Amazon price for this top quality Sony lens is about 60% of manufacturer price. I buy from Amazon when possible.

Customer Buzz
 "This lens works beautifully! Worth the money. VIDEO REVIEW INCLUDED" 2009-08-21
By George W. Klepacz (Ohio)
Watch Video Here: Having recently purchased this lens, I wanted to share my opinions on it. My camera is the Sony HDR-XR520V. My biggest reason for wanting this lens was so I could fit more in the picture when I filming indoors. It works beautifully for this, I now have a lot more in the frame. The picture is clear all the way around. There is some slight barrel distortion around the edges of the picture, but it's only noticeable with straight lines, and it's very slight. I've read in places that the lens is heavy and uncomfotable to use one the camera, but I disagree. Yes, it does add some weight, not enough for me to be concerned though.

I can go on, but I can't think of a better way to illustrate this lens than to show you what it looks like in action. Please watch my video review.

I hope this review helped you in your decision. I am very happy I bought this lens, and you will be too.

Customer Buzz
 "Great wide angle lens for average video shooters" 2009-03-30
By Kenny Nipp (USA)
I own a Sony HDR-XR520V (as of March 2009 Sony's top consumer HD camcorder) and this lens fits perfectly without any adapters. It's a bit heavy and bulky but it gives you great shots that look professional. Perfect for 'Letterbox' recording. It does not support additional filters though and recommends that you do not use them with it either. I would like to see a filter marketed that could be attached over this lens by a rubber ring. Or (even better) a rubber ring adapter that could be used to attach any different filter with standard threads.

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Buy Sony VCL-HGA07 HG Wide Angle Conversion Lens 0.7x for 30/37mm Now

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