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Sony VCL-DH0774 74mm 0.75x Wide Conversion lens for Sony DSC-H7/H9 Digital Still Cameras

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Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. With a diverse product lineup serving a variety of lifestyles and industries, Sony continuously strives to introduce new products and technologies to meet changing market needs.PRODUCT FEATURES:Wide-angle conversion lens made from high-grade optics;Lens with 2 groups 2 elements;Magnification 0.7x;For lenses/adapters with 74 mm filter thread diameter;Includes carrying pouch.

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Customer Buzz
 "Thanks for its sale the article " 2009-02-11
By Gustavo Rodriguez
Greetings, Thanks for its sale the article I arrive in perfect state responsible company, I am going to make next purchases with I widely recommend it to you in the community of amazon

Customer Buzz
 "Sony quality...but with one fundamental design flaw" 2008-06-08
By chickenbutt
I purchased this lens when I got my Sony DSC-H50. My camera already has a fairly wide lens (which I love), but I wanted an even wider angle for certain shots and this fits the bill.

I like buying OEM and, having purchased many Sony add-on lenses for my digital cameras over the years, I enjoy that theirs don't have the level of distortion that some other brands have. You get a pretty clean wide angle shot.

It is HUGE and that was a shocker at first, but then this camera is my first dealing with a 74mm. I like that Sony puts this one in the padded bag because it makes a nice cushion in my camera bag between my camera and the hard plastic lens hood and adapter ring. (I love my camera bag so much that I kept it, even though I had to pull out most of the dividers due to the larger size of this camera from my previous, slim CyberShot)

The only negative, and it is a fairly significant one, is that it DOES interfere with your flash. I have the Sony DSC-H50, which is built very similarly to the other reviewer's camera who also noted this problem. I tested it out using my flash and there was a HUGE half moon covering the entire bottom half of the shot.

Bottom line - If you are not shooting with flash, it is an excellent addition to your H series camera. If you expect to use your flash you will NOT be able to use this lens effectively.

I am not likely to shoot with flash very often, so I will still get a lot of use out of this lens. YMMV, however.

Customer Buzz
 "I love this lense" 2008-05-09
By Orville Wright (Bronx, NY)
I have the Sony DSC-H9 and trust me It surely does add more width to your photo when taking pictures in a tight spot or when you need to get more out of your photo. The only I problem I had with it is when you want to zoom in the focus gets blurred, as well as the "auto burst" function is disabled when using the lense. But overall, whenever I go "out" to take pictures, I make sure I never leave home with out it :-)

Customer Buzz
 "Very nice" 2008-01-09
By Frederick Nunes (New Bedford, Ma.)
This is a great add on for the Sony camera that it fits. I do wish it would be a bit more wide, but just the same - I have achieved some nice images with this lens. Use caution when installing as it is a little cumbersome lining the threads up properly. It does the job as advertised. Its bigger than I imagined, but it does come with a nice carrying pouch. Overall, I am very happy with it.

Customer Buzz
 "Very Wide" 2007-12-01
By P.Hawkins (Chicago)
Great except for the flash gets blocked with the dsc-h7. Better used with the h9 and external flash.

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Buy Sony VCL-DH0774 74mm 0.75x Wide Conversion lens for Sony DSC-H7/H9 Digital Still Cameras Now

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