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Sony VCL-DH0758 Wide Angle Conversion Lens for DSCH1, H2 and H5 Digital Cameras

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The VCL-DH0758 model .7x wide angle conversion lens provides a wider field of view with virtually no color aberration or distortion.

Technical Details

- 0.7X magnification combines with your camera?s optical zoom
- High grade construction for enhanced durability
- Features a 3 group and 3 element design
- Provides clear, distortion-free optics
- Designed for 58mm lens Cyber-shot digital cameras
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Customer Buzz
 "The lens fits perfectly with my SONY H5 with an adapter and produces beautiful, extra-wide angle photos." 2009-10-01
By S. Yu (Jersey City, NJ)
I intened to only give it 4-star since with the size of the lens, flash will shot a significant shadow on almost half the size of the photo. Yet, it's the design issue on H5, not the lens. Overall, under sufficient lighting condition, the images look great. Very good quality from Made-in-Japan SONY lines.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony wide angle lens for Sony DSC-H10 Camera" 2009-09-04
By Thomas J. Heeg (GA)
The lens is great. You have to be aware that when using the flash you will get a shadow. I was aware of this and have a slave flash that gets rid of the shadow.

Customer Buzz
 "Great addition to Sony DSC-H3" 2009-08-01
By Y. Au
I got this wide angle conversion lens last month to be put on my Sony DSC-H3. The effect is tremendous! I can now easily capture a wide frame of picture that goes much beyond what H3 had to offer (even though H3 is already pretty good without any additional lenses). With this lens it will never be a problem for me to take group pictures in a small room. I love this lens and bring it to wherever I go.

Customer Buzz
 "Warning!" 2009-07-23
By Warren L. McFerran (Orlando, FL)
I have a Sony CyberShot DSC-H1 that came with an adapter tube (56mm to 52mm). I thought it would be great to extend the power of the 12X lens by buying this 0.7X wide angle converter and a 1.7X tele converter lenses, also made by Sony. Both converter lenses stated that they had 58mm threads to mount to the camera, so I bought a 52mm to 58mm adapter ring, thinking that one adapter ring would work with both of them. Well, the 1.7X tele converter mounted on the adapter ring just fine. But this 0.7X wide angle converter would not! The problem is that the threads for mounting this lens are recessed about a quarter of an inch. That means I will need, not an adapter ring, but an adapter TUBE just to mount this lens! Thus far, I have taken some great pictures with the 1.7X tele converter lens. But I cannot even mount this 0.7X wide angle converter on my camera! And I have no idea where I can find an adapter TUBE for 52mm (camera) to 58mm (lens) adaption. It's probably a great lens. Too bad I can't use it!

Customer Buzz
 "Sony wide angle lens" 2009-07-02
By Flintstone (Salt Lake City, USA)
This was the biggest farce I have purchased from a Sony product. The lens is so big it makes handeling the camera horrible and the width of the viewed image is not that much better than the original lens. Big mistake.

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Buy Sony VCL-DH0758 Wide Angle Conversion Lens for DSCH1, H2 and H5 Digital Cameras Now

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