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Sony DVDirect VRDMC10 Stand Alone DVD Recorder/Player (Black)

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Transfer high definition video in native 1080i resolution from Sony AVCHD1 HDD/Memory Stick/Hybrid Plus Handycam Camcorders to DVD recorded in H.264 format. This allows up to 95 minutes of HD video to be recorded on a DVD disc playable on most Blu-ray Disc compatible devices. Record all video from a Sony HDD/Memory Stick Handycam Camcorder, just selected scenes, or only video recorded since the last DVD burn ¿ all at up to 6X speed (60 minutes of video in about 10 minutes). Will ¿span¿ multiple DVDs as necessary. Consolidate several mini camcorder DVDs to full size 5-inch DVD using Sony DVD Handycam Camcorder. Down-convert AVCHD video on the fly to create a standard DVD that plays on most home DVD players.

Technical Details

- Record video and digital photos to DVD ¿ no PC required
- Connects with virtually any Sony Handycam Camcorder, VCR, even DVRs
- Transfer high definition AVCHD video to discs playable in most Blu-ray Disc players
- Transfer video from Sony HDD/DVD/Memory Stick Handycam Camcorders
- Connect to compatible TV via HDMI, component, or composite video to playback DVDs (cables sold separately)
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Customer Buzz
 "Watch Out When Inserting A Memory Stick...." 2009-10-01
By FredO (Pittsburgh, PA)
I can't say anything about the functionality of this unit. When I got mine I inserted a 16GB memory stick into the first slot marked "Memory Stick". Unfortunately I didn't notice the second one marked "Memory Stick" and found out, too late, that once inserted in the wrong slot my memory stick was irretrievable. Having both slots marked "Memory Stick" is poor engineering. Sony is replacing the unit but they are not returning the memory stick. They say they do not even repair these units in the USA and must send them back to Japan. I inquired about them providing me with a replacement stick and was told that it was my mistake and they will not do anything to make good on the lost memory stick. A quick price search will show that the best price you can get a 16 GB memory stick of this kind is approximately $70.00. Needless to say I'm soured on Sony and this product in particular. Be very careful about inserting the stick in the wrong slot.

Customer Buzz
 "sony dvd recorder" 2009-09-13
By K. Evans (las vegas, nv USA)
great product, reliable, easy to use

major draw back is it will only record a little over 3 hrs

Customer Buzz
 "Sony hc recorder" 2009-08-29
By Moe (Washington DC)
Today 8/28/09 I received this product I immediatly put it to work it work as expected downloaded a video and then downloaded some pic it works excellent, I read a review stating that someone could not burn from the dvd that he obtain from the Sony DVdirect, Well let me say YES you can, you can burn from the copy that you got from the sony DVDirect. SONY did it again, one button records, it can not get more simple than this. It comes with inut and out put jacks and a remote control

Customer Buzz
 ""Worthless! Stay Away"" 2009-07-05
By M. Eskandari (Brookline, MA)
I got it but I recommend you don't try it!

The quality of DVD it writes to you is glassy and it took 1Hour to write 2 DVD for me. You Can`t make copies of the DVD`s you burn with it!!!.

You can not review DVD and flash memory on it and have to connect it to external screen. It works so slowly such as a turtle!

I extremely recommend you to don't buy it instead of other great Sony products.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony DVDirect VRDMC10" 2009-06-27
By Robert L. Gray (San Jose, CA)
I bought the VRDMC10 to convert our family VHS collection to DVD. I have only used it for this purpose so my review is limited to this application. With that in mind I feel that the unit worked flawlessly. It was true "plug-and-play" simplicity and performed as advertised. I also own a Sony HDR-SR11 HD Camcorder, and plan to burn some AVCHD DVDs from the camera on our next vacation. One plus is that we do not own a Blu-ray player and this unit also serves as an AVCHD disk player. The controls and menu are easy to use, and the unit ran unattended for many consecutive hours without fail. I would recommend this to anyone with a library of old VHS media they would like to convert to DVD.

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