Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sony Mini CD-R 22-Min 200 MB Spindle (50-Pack)

Buy Cheap Sony Mini CD-R 22-Min 200 MB Spindle (50-Pack)

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A package of 50 CD-R discs / 22 minute or 200 MB capacity / 8 Centimeter Mini-CDs / Comes in a spindle

Technical Details

- Compatible with CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW drives, MP3/CD players & CD-R digital cameras
- 200MB/22-minute capacity
- Write-once ?1-24x compatible
- Disc storage spindle pack
- 50 CDR in package
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Customer Buzz
 "Mini CD-R -- Perfect for small non-volatile data storage " 2009-02-13
By Glenn M. Schoditsch (Richmond, Virginia USA)
I'm one of the few people that actually bought 3 inch music CD's back around 1987. Today I find the Mini CD-R to be the perfect media for archiving small data files. Whether it be music, pictures, finances or just a couple hundred MB of miscellaneous nonsense you wish to permanently preserve, the Mini CD-R is perfect for the occasion. If stored data is out-dated, these little discs can be shredded easily in most of todays paper shredders. Also a must have for Sony Mavica owners.

Customer Buzz
 "Getting hard to find" 2009-01-09
By mom on the run
I use these in my Sony Mavica camera, which I still LOVE even though its a little outdated! If you need these get them now. I can't find them in stores anymore and they're getting increasingly hard to find online.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Mini Discs" 2008-12-17
By Cynthia Kolodzik (kent, WA)
I love my Sony Mavica and they don't have many places to buy the mini discs where I live now so when I found them on Amazon I was thrilled. They are an excellant product. I have purchased them before and they are just as good as the Mavica brand. With 50 discs I will be able to take so many pictures and the cost was exceptional. I will definitely buy these again!

Customer Buzz
 "Works Great" 2008-12-06
By Julie (USA)
The disk works great with my Sony Minolta MVC-CD400 Digital Still Camera. The disk for this camer can only be ordered from Sony where you will pay much more for them. I find that these disk at Amazon.com do just as well as the Sony Mavica Disk,I take lots of pictures with them and have never had any problems. Thank you Amazon for having these disk available.

Customer Buzz
 "Even my fussy DVD writer likes these" 2008-06-12
By Llewellyn Williams (Naples FL)
I wanted a mini-CD that would hold my Galapagos Islands highlight pictures and that I could send to friends. Whether I created the CDs on my Sony Photo Vault or in my computer's DVD writers (which tend to be very picky as to what media they'll accept) they wrote cleanly and were a pleasure to send out (fold a 3x5 index card over them, staple the corners, and it all goes out in an envelope at the 42-cent rate. I'm very pleased with the product obtained quickly and at a fair price through Amazon.

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Buy Sony Mini CD-R 22-Min 200 MB Spindle (50-Pack) Now

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