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Built E-HCS-MDT Hoodie Camera Case (Small (Micro Dot)

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The Built Hoodie keeps cameras shielded from the elements of rain, snow and accidental drops. Using two materials that provide a yin-yang construction, the Hoodie has a hard, durable EVA plastic backbone to give camera screens extra protection from accidental drops that is covered in a soft neoprene exterior that securely holds and stretches to accommodate a wide range of cameras. The neoprene exterior stretches to offer a fold-over hood that both secures a camera in place and covers an interior hidden pocket that is perfect for storing memory cards and extra batteries. For added convenience, the Hoodie comes with a wrist or belt strap. The Hoodie from Built is machine washable. Micro Dot, design. Design, durability and style - Built for you.

Technical Details

- Has hard EVA plastic backbone to protect screen; has interior storage pouch
- Neoprene "hood" folds over camera as extra protection
- Made of heavy duty durable neoprene with EVA plastic backbone
- Perfect for travel and everyday use
- Stylish and durable; stain resistant; machine washable
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Customer Buzz
 "Not just for cameras" 2009-10-26
By shuttershy (Boston, MA)
Our family has several of these and not one holds a camera! I use one for my huge original Zune and another for an iTouch. Both of my kids use them to hold iPods. The hard back makes it easy to slip in an mp3 player and offers some protection against dropping. Cords and earbuds fit in the back pocket. The stretchy hood prevents the player from falling out accidently in a purse or backpack.

As a professor I travel around campus a lot and need to carry with me little items like my cell phone, lipstick, ID, a bit of cash and a keydrive. Women's professional clothing never has pockets which makes it hard. I've tried a zippered pouch or wrist bag but it looks too much like a makeup bag and the zipper makes a surprising amount of noise. A purse or briefcase is too big and a folio doesn't work with bulky items. This little case is perfect - I can fit everything in and just have one item to carry. The black one looks professional and can be opened without any noise. But the best part is that with the hood open, the whole thing props up, making it easy to get at things inside. I leave it propped open on my desk and all I have to do is grab my key drive and go! It movies easily from briefcase to desk to classroom to meetings to home.

Customer Buzz
 "Awesome Camera Case" 2009-10-14
By M. Vest (Louisville, KY)
This case is fantastic, it has a hard piece inside that protects the camera and the outside of the case is the standard BUILT fabric. Love it!

Customer Buzz
 "Fits Fuji EXR200" 2009-09-13
By S. Deng (Winston-Salem, NC United States)
This camera case was perfect for keeping sand out of my camera while taking pictures in the desert. If any of you are wondering how it fits a Fuji EXR 200, it does fit, albeit a little snug. The advantage is, you can keep the hood part off while holding on to the camera's cord, and the case will not slip off at all. That makes it easier to take the camera out of the case in time for that critical shot.

Customer Buzz
 "Difficult to remove camera" 2009-08-24
By A. Engleson (Wisconsin, USA)
This case looks nice and is great for protecting an expensive camera. However, it is difficult to get out of the case.

Customer Buzz
 "Doesn't hold up well" 2009-08-22
By Joy L. Campbell (Alabama)
I bought this case for my sony cybershot. About 3 weeks after using it the stiching began to unravel. To get your camera out you have to pull the hood out and over to get to the camera, which stretches the neoprene material causing the unraveling.

It is a very snug fit. It does have a seperate compartment for storage, but the case is so small, nothing can fit in it. I can only store a lens cloth. It would be nice to keep an extra battery or cord, but there is just no room to spare.

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