Thursday, March 25, 2010

zune premium earphones


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Zune Premium Earphones



Technical Details

- Premium earphones custom designed for Microsoft's Zune media player

- Noise-isolating, in-ear design helps block out unwanted background noise

- Produces high-quality sound with superior clarity and powerful bass

- Choice of 3 earpiece sizes lets you choose most comfortable fit

- Comes with small, stylish carrying case; 1-year warranty

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Customer Buzz


 "Bought for iTouch, didnt keep." 2010-03-23

By B. Phillips

I actually bought these to use with an iTouch and to use inside my motorcycle helmet when I ride. They are decent head phones with pretty good sound but I didnt like the way they fit in my ears when my helmet was on so I gave them to a friend of mine who has a Zune. He liked the splitter that came with them that enables you to share a movie or a song with a friend but thought that the sound was so so compared to the ear buds that came with his Zune Media Player.

For the money you get above average sound and if you buy them just for your Zune you get the ear phone splitter. Well worth the money for a Zune owners.

Customer Buzz


 "Regretting the purchase.." 2010-03-12

By Sarah K. Egan (Pittsburgh, PA)

I don't really have anything good to say about these (except the good price).

My complaints (thus far):

1) Sound quality is terrible.. it seems like the "treble" is cranked way up, and the "bass" is turned way down. Songs with a lot of bass in particular sound pretty awful (and this isn't something I'm particularly picky about. I haven't had problems with other headphones)

2) The cord length is very odd. It seems to get in my way when I'm working out on a treadmill (again, I have never had this issue w/headphones before).

3) The headphones have a tendency to fall out of my ears (especially when I'm working out/sweating). This got especially annoying today when the headphones would stay in my ears for maybe 10 seconds and then start sliding out.

I definitely DO NOT recommend this product.

Customer Buzz


 "Not great" 2010-02-22

By Jason Morton (Mount Sterling, KY)

These buds sound pretty good, but they don't fit your ear, no matter which of the 3 supplied sets of rubber pieces you use. The cord is horrible and cheap feeling, and I just can't recommend these to anybody.

Customer Buzz


 "Right ear piece did not work" 2010-02-20

By K. Bustillo (Texas)

well when i got it in the mail and connected it the right ear piece was not working so now i have to send it back :(

Customer Buzz


 "Not improvement over stock Zune headphones" 2010-02-20


I've tried a lot of earphones and I don't like the sound in these as much as the headphones that came with the Zune HD. I saw them here on Amazon - $10 including shipping, so a good deal. However, they aren't any good for moving around. The earpiece does seal around the ear, but when moving it constantly comes out. Plus, the unit is sensitive to touch, so you hear any rubbing or even the vibration of feet when walking. Bottom line is that both my wife and I find the basic Zune headphones sound better.

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