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zlive speaker system and docking station for zune (black)


Buy Cheap Zlive Speaker System and Docking Station for Zune (Black)


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The ZLive NS108B speaker system makes sharing your music a snap. This system connects to all Zune players through the certified connection. You also can connect to any MP3 player, cell phone, or video game system through the line input. Control your music from across the room with the remote, and enjoy room-filling sound from the acoustically calibrated stereo speakers.

The NS108B makes sharing your music a snap. Click to enlarge.

See-though LCD clock display with white backlight.

Full-function remote control included.

Zune Docking Station

The NS108B features a certified Zune docking station. While your Zune is docked, it'll receive a charge, so when you take off, it won't be with a dead battery. Enjoy your favorite tunes through room-filling stereo speakers, and dial in the sound you like with the four preset EQ settings.


Use the 3.5-mm auxiliary input jack for external audio devices like MP3 or CD players. The auxiliary output will send your Zune's signal to an external device, and the RCA video output is great for watching Zune videos on your TV.

Digital Clock Display

Check the time with the see-though LCD with white backlight. It's a cool, modern touch to an already stylish system. Two AAA batteries can be used as power backup so you always have the right time.

Full-Function Remote

Control your docked Zune as well as the unit's volume and EQ functions from across the room with the included remote control.

What's in the Box

Zlive Speaker System and Docking Station for Zune (Black), Zune bracket, remote control (battery included)



Technical Details

- Certified Zune docking station

- Charges your Zune while it plays

- White backlit see-through LCD display

- RCA video output for viewing videos on your TV

- Auxiliary input for use with external audio devices

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Customer Buzz


 "Love it!" 2010-03-19

By MI Mom (SW Mi, USA)

I was looking for a speaker system to go with my Zune and this is just perfect!!! It has great sound and can get very loud (not that I usually have it super loud but ya gotta try it out). I love the lil remote. Very sturdy and easy to use. I give it 5 stars! The only thing I would wish for in a future model would be a magnetic remote b/c that remote is so tiny it could be easily lost.

Customer Buzz


 "best gift my husband ever bought me" 2010-03-18

By tonya lapage (carpentersville, il United States)

my husband bought me this for valentines day and i love it. the only problems i have with it is that the remote doesn't always work, and that it was cracked a little during shipping. other than that its great!

Customer Buzz


 "My Daughter Loves it!!!!!!!!!!" 2010-03-08

By J. Erney

With all the snow we have been having she took it to work and it made the day GREAT. Easy to use anywhere and she just LOVES it so much............

Customer Buzz


 "There are not a lot of choices for the Zune but the Zlive is a strong buy." 2010-03-03

By W. Dietrich (Las Vegas)

I love my zune and have been looking for a docking station / stero to play my music on. Needless to say that most items i find are for the IPOD with an adapter for the zune. Not so with the Zlive it comes out of the box ready for the zune to plug int. I have the 80 gb and have used the 16 HD zune and both work with ease. At times it takes two tries to get the zune into the dock but once it is in it is there to stay.

Sound is not bad for such a small package. Better than a clock radio but not going to rattle your windows. All in all I was impressed, I was expecting much worse.

Style is so -so the clock in the middle looks kind of lame but so what this is a functional music player not a piece of art.

For the price this is a great buy it does what it says it will plays your zune music with no hassle. If you are looking for boom and base go with the kicker, if you are looking for style you should have bought an ipod wich has way more choices. I am very happy with my purchase and it gets played daily.

Customer Buzz


 "not worth your money" 2010-03-02

By C. Lalande

I can not adjust the clock fonction, it does not work, is not totally blank; the speaker are's not worth returning.

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Buy Zlive Speaker System and Docking Station for Zune (Black) Now


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