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Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Microphone for DCR-HC96, DCR-DVD305, 405, 505, DCR-SR80, 100, HDR-HC3, HC5 & HDR-UX5 Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Microphone for DCR-HC96, DCR-DVD305, 405, 505, DCR-SR80, 100, HDR-HC3, HC5 & HDR-UX5 Camcorders

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Item #: 42117B. The ECM-HST1 High Fidelity Stereo Microphone is portable and perfect for capturing all those wonderful sound bites from your family and friends. With its Active Interface Shoe, the ECM-HST1 microphone is powered and controlled through your Handycam camcorder. Take advantage of the User-Selectable Audio Coverage feature to focus on an individual speaker or group of speakers.

Product Description
Sony ECM HST1 - microphone
Product Type: Microphone
Recommended Use: Camcorder
Color: Graphite silver
Microphone: Detachable
Microphone Technology: Electret condenser
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Technical Details

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Customer Buzz
 "Nice little mic" 2009-04-18
By Glenn M. Bullard (Bradenton, Florida)
MIc does a nice job.... good improvement over the onboard mic. Handles sound spikes better.

Customer Buzz
 "HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED!!!" 2009-01-06
By Laurence Jacobs (LA, CA)
First off, I own a HDR-HC3 sony camcorder. My initial problem was that after recording footage, I would easily hear the sound of the internal batter in the camera rolling. So after doing much research on whether to buy this mic attachment or the Stereo Gun Zoom Microphone by sony too, I decided to buy this one.


Even with the wind protector, it records even more fuzz and noise than the camcorder does without it. I am still baffled because the microphone is suppose to eliminate the various surrounding noises. Instead, it picks up the surrounding noise clearly ruining the dialogue spoken from your subject.


It records the sound of the person much clearer and this is quite noticeable.

I am returning this microphone and hoping the shotgun zoom microphone will do the trick.

Customer Buzz
 "As good as a stereo mic can be" 2008-12-28
By Robert Turfinnaggiato (The Southeast)
I was really impressed with how this worked. I expected it to at least get rid of the buzzing noise of the camera. I was correct there, there was no buzzing sound to be heard. It made the actual sounds so much more clear. Also it did much better with picking up sound compared to my hdr-hc3 stereo mic. That one was a bit disappointing, like most stereo mics attached. But the great thing about this one is, even if someone were 12 feet away and it wasn't quite the volume that you wanted, you just turn it up in your editing software and you can turn it up without all of the buzzing noise! This was a great buy if you are really into video production like I am. It was smaller than I expected, which is great because it is so light weight. I read a review about how it loses its easy traveling ability. My comment on this is that if you are a movie producer you understand how big those cameras can be. Besides, you can take it off and literally put the thing in your pocket. Doing a test without the mic with a person talking about 10 feet away and with the mic 10 feet away I was really impressed! At first I really didn't want to buy a stereo mic. I was thinking, ah this is going to be just like my camera's mic. But it is much better. Recommended for anyone using sony cameras without mic jacks! Probably the best of all the sony microphones on the market.

Customer Buzz
 "Essential Option for recording Live Music" 2008-09-22
By Dean R. Brenna (AZ USA)
I am in a working Rock Band and we have been trying to get a good Live recording for a while. I have the Sony DCR-SR80 and it works great but the on-board mic could not handle the SPL's the band was putting out. We would end up with great video, but crackly, overloaded audio. From the very first time we used this microphone, we were able to capture our live sound with much better accuracy and clarity. A great product and a must-have for anyone interested in using their Sony Cam to record Live music. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because it is not the easiest of set-ups. Attaching it to the camera isn't as simple as it could be and the first couple of times were a bit tricky.

Customer Buzz
 "Nice, well-made product" 2008-08-31
By RadioJoe (Tinseltown, USA)
When I accidentally smashed my other Sony HGZ1 camera mic, I wanted to upgrade to something nicer. The HST1 turned out to be a good choice. It's more compact but it still swivels 180 degrees for self-narration shots. Sony built-in a little bit of give so that if you nudge the mic, it tilts from the base...great if you or someone else accidentally bumps into it, it won't crack or break. I love the fuzzy wind filter (not the tecnical term I know) that neatly slips over the mic. It actually makes you look a little professional. Oh yeah, the sound it produces is very crisp. The stereo reproduction is of really good quality for a consumer mic. It's a nice accessory for my new Sony HDC-HC9. Good job Sony!

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Buy Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Microphone for DCR-HC96, DCR-DVD305, 405, 505, DCR-SR80, 100, HDR-HC3, HC5 & HDR-UX5 Camcorders Now

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