Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Professional Multi-Use Lapel Microphone for Camcorders

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Why only have fantastic video and bad audio?

Now you can enhance your audio quality by 100%!

There you are, filming a family gathering or event. Lighting is right, people are happy. You get done, watch the tape back and it happens. You hear a jumble of peoples voices and background noise. This happens to almost all consumer end camcorders.

Well now there is a solution!

Omnidirectional electret condenser microphone
Focuses on voice of your subject and reduces background noise
Convenient, hands-free clip design
Clear, high-quality reception up to 25 feet
Built-in power supply, battery included
On/Off switch
Frequency response: 50 to 18,000Hz
Sensitivity: -65db+3db @ 1000Hz
Impedance: 1000 ohms
Lifetime warranty

Technical Details

- Focuses on Voice of Your subject and reduces background noise
- Convenient, Hands free clip design
- Clear High quality reception up to 25 feet (7.62m)
- 1/4' adaptor included for late model camcorders
- Built-in Power supply, Battery Included, On Off switch preserves battery life
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Lapel Mic Easy To Use And Very Professional." 2009-08-23
By Sergio C. Reyes (Michigan USA)
I was looking a lapel mic because I had a coming event and I needed a very clear and noiseless sound when I use it and I inported to my music program I could see and hear that the recording was very clear, it really helped me a lot thank you guys.

Customer Buzz
 "Great for basic video production" 2009-04-01
By Emily M. Verbeke (Albion, MI USA)
We purchased this to create some video within an industrial manufacturing environment and the microphone did a great job focusing on the speaker and thus there was little background noise picked up even though there was a lot of background noise present. We'll use this microphone over and over. Just one thing to keep in mind. The foam cover that goes over the microphone comes off very easily so just make sure you don't lose it.

Customer Buzz
 "muy buena calidad, justo lo que esperaba" 2008-12-17
By Vasquez Garcia Gabriel Waldema (MIAMI)
por el precio que valen, estos microfonos alambricos son una maravilla, no saturan y se adaptan bien a las camaras

Customer Buzz
 "Works with a portable camera." 2008-06-07
By Wilbur Lidzy (Guatemala Central America)
Good to have in the gadget bag to mic a closeup interview. Distance is limited but better to use in those closeup situations where audio is important as the camcorder mic tends to absorb all ambient noise. Makes a big difference when you don't want room noise to compete with your talent's voice. You could pay more for a name brand, but why would you use a mic that costs more than your tripod?

Customer Buzz
 "You get what you pay for!" 2008-04-13
By Crhistopher Cantor (Irvine)
Its cheap and it works as expected... not well. Volume is horrible on it unless the mic is right next to the lips. YOu are better off using the mic on your camera.

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Buy Professional Multi-Use Lapel Microphone for Camcorders Now

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