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Sony Cybershot DSCW170/B 10.1MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom with Super Steady Shot (Black)

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The Sony DSC-W170 features an enviable 10.1-Megapixel resolution, Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens, and Sony's Double Anti-Blur solution for crisp, clear images with a sophisticated, compact body. A large, bright 2.7" Clear Photo LCD display includes an anti-reflective coating that provides for excellent visibility to help you compose, view, and share photos with superb clarity and color reproduction, even in bright sunlight. In addition, Face Detection technology, Smile Shutter, and Intelligent Scene Recognition elicit stunning detail from special moments. High-resolution images can be enjoyed in 16:9 High-Resolution Mode simply by connecting the camera directly to a Sony BRAVIA HDTV or other compatible HDTV with an optional cradle for optimal HD playback. Because an off-center subject can make your shot more interesting, a 9-point auto-focus measures the focus at 9 precision points instead of 5 for a greater creative freedom to compose your image. Super SteadyShot(R) Optical Image Stabilization compensates for shaky hands and minimizes blur with optical sensors that detect camera movement and send correcting signals to a stabilization lens. Shutter Speed - Auto (1/4 - 1/1,600) / Program Auto (1 - 1/1,600) Aperture Range - Auto (F3.3/F8.0 (W), 2 steps) / Program auto (F3.3/F8.0 (W), 2 steps) with ND Filter White Balance - Automatic, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent 1, Fluorescent 2, Fluorescent 3, Incandescent, and Flash Movie Modes - MPEG VX Fine with Audio (640x480 at 30fps), MPEG VX Standard with Audio (640x480 at 16fps), Presentation (320 x 240 at 8fps) Scene Modes - Beach, High Sensitivity, Landscape, Snow, Soft Snap, Twilight, and Twilight Portrait Flash Modes - Auto, Forced On, Forced Off, and Slow Synch In-Camera Editing - Red-eye reduction, soft edge filter, cross filter, partial color filter, and fish-eye filter

Technical Details

- 10.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality poster-size prints
- Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens; Smart Zoom feature
- 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD display; Face Detection
- Smile Shutter mode; in-camera retouching
- 15 MB internal memory; capture images to Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo media
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Customer Buzz
 "SONY CYBERSHOT dscw170" 2009-09-20
By Cheryl A. Koster (Grand Rapids, MI USA)
Great camera! Small size easy to take places. I appreciate the eyeview for picture taking in the sun.

Customer Buzz
 "As Good As Compact Cameras Get" 2009-09-17
By Avid Reviewer (San Jose, CA)
This is a major upgrade from my antiquated 2 MP Canon Powershot camera. I'm simply enthralled by the sharpness and quality of the pictures this compact camera captures! At the highest resolution, the amount of detail this camera picks up is phenomenal (as long as you're in a sufficiently illuminated setting).

There are three major reasons why I picked the Sony DSC-W170 over other brands/models of cameras. (1) This camera has a 28 to 140mm wide angle lens to capture a wider field of view for establishing the context of the subject or subjects in the shot. (2) The 5x optical zoom lens enable impressive close-ups (3) The image stabilization helps to keep your subject properly framed even if you have shaky hands like mine.

The camera also takes macro shots. The clarity, sharpness, and detail of the macro shots is astounding. I'm having a lot of fun with this - You can actually get real creative with this!

You can also take videos at 30 fps (480 x 640 resolution) with this camera. I should caution you about an inaccuracy in the product description. As of this writing, the product description reads "the length of your video limited only by the capacity of your media." DO NOT BE MISLED! Like all point-and-shoot cameras that are video-capable, the length of the video on the DSC W-170 is limited to 10 minutes. You would need to restart the video after every 10 minutes if you wish to continue shooting.

The Sony Cybershot is, of course, not exempt to the problem that's inherent in all compact cameras -- "noise" in low light conditions. The problem is more pronounced in compact cameras than in dSLR cameras.

In case you're deciding between this and the 8.1 MP DSC-W150 -- my friend owns a DSC-W150 and I can see that this camera produces significantly better quality pictures.

A quick word on memory cards - You can actually use a regular microSD card with this camera if you use a microSD card to MS Pro Duo Adapter (such as this one). It's worked very well for me.


As far as compact cameras are concerned, the Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 is about as good as it gets. If you're looking for a compact camera that you can easily slip in your purse or backpack, you can't go wrong with the DSC-W170.

Customer Buzz
 "Great buy..." 2009-09-03
By Tanmay K. Padhi (Sunnyvale)
This camera is really great..

It's very handy and photo quality is damn good...

I like this...

Over all the camera looks sexy :-)

Customer Buzz
 "horrible image quality - image quality like 3MP" 2009-07-10
By crayzeeshopper (Philadelphia, PA)
I fell for all the "good" reviews on the product here and purchased one of my own.

I used to be a Sony fan. I would only purchase Sony cameras, my last camera was a DSC-S600 6MP (Sony Cybershot), and I was excited to purchase a new camera after my old camera broke. After using this camera, I will never buy another Sony again. The Sony's back in the day were made with great quality, but it seems like the only thing Sony has going on for them now is their brand and not their actual products.

The pictures are really grainy in any situation. The subjects do not have strong edges and everything is really fuzzy. The only way you can get "okay" quality pictures out of this camera is if you take Macros, but even those are full of noise. If you like crisp and clear pictures of your subjects, then this camera is not for you.

My old Sony was Made in Japan, but this one is Made in China, maybe this has some significance as to why the quality is so cheap. It feels really cheap to the touch and it has a poorly made shell.

My old Camera 6MP, takes hands down clearer and better pictures than this camera. Even though this camera is advertised under 10.1 MP, really you will be investing in a 2-3MP Camera.

Save yourself the trouble and hassle of dealing with a poor camera and go with Canons instead.

Customer Buzz
 "Love it and would recommend" 2009-06-26
By N. Alfadel (Chicago, IL)
So this was my first digital camera, and after going through a brain overload researching which would be best for me, I finally decided on this one and I'm glad I did. If you're looking for a decent digital camera that is user-friendly, takes quality pictures, has a view finder, good battery life, and not too bad of a zoom (5x) than look no further, seriously. The pictures come out great, it's really easy to figure out (even before skimming through the user manual) and the LCD screen is the perfect size. I have no complaints except that it lags for about 3 or 4 seconds before it pulls the lens back into the camera to turn off. But seriously people, 3 or 4 seconds? isn't it crazy how people find a problem with waiting 3 seconds!?! NOT that big of a deal unless you are the most impatient, anal person around. Plus I don't remember it doing that when I first got it, so maybe I mishandled it or kept turning it on and off too many times. Either way, it doesn't interfere with my enjoying the camera regardless.Overall, it's a perfect point-and-shoot for the price and its features, plus I like the design, it has a sleek look and nice shape. Great for vacations and taking random pictures of friends and family and I forgot to mention, the color and lightning is just fantastic. I took it to a concert that was outside and it was night and it captured the stage and the crowds of people waving their hands PERFECTLY. The colors were exquisite. Like I said, quality. It definitely does not disappoint - does what it said it would do plain and simple. I'm a happy customer :)

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