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Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVR-DVD405, 505, HDR-SR1, UX1 & DCR-SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVR-DVD405, 505, HDR-SR1, UX1 & DCR-SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders

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Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVD305/405/505 SR100 HC96

Technical Details

- Wireless microphone captures 5.1 channel sound
- Bluetooth-enabled captures clear audio from up to 100 feet away
- Connects easily to your Handycam with the Active Interface Shoe
- Includes clip, arm band, neck strap, wind screen, and carrying pouch
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Customer Buzz
 "Well worth the money" 2009-09-13
By J. Ovenden (North Florida)
I bought it for my HDR-XR500V and found out it was also the cure for my HDR-SR5 that has no mic or earphone jacks.I use the stereo mode more often than the 5.1 surround sound. It sounds a little cleaner to me. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a resonably priced quality wireless mic for their Sony.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Bluetooth Microphone" 2009-07-15
By David Pierce
I actually haven't used the product yet, as I purchased the mic before the Sony camcorder, and haven't made a decision on which one to buy. On the Sony website all the fair priced camcorders are no longer avail. They are only selling the high end camcorders on their website. So I may need to find a used one via But the product came highly recommended, I've used it before in a speaking engagement, and that's why I decided to buy my own. The box came very professionally wrapped with all the accessories and manuals! I'm very pleased thus far!

Customer Buzz
 "Mixed bag; read before buying" 2009-05-30
By Charles G. Hawley (Santa Cruz, CA)
The audio from this mic and receiver is very good. We have shot over 200 videos on our website using this combination and the sound is not the problem. What we do have a problem with is the bulk of the microphone which is very difficult to conceal in a shirt or jacket. I guess if you're shooting a conversation with a flower arrangement between the speakers it would work fine, but for a single speaker on camera, it's very bulky - about half the size of a deck of cards. The second issue is that it uses up batteries like crazy. It uses to AAA alkaline disposables, and sometimes we get only an hour or so out of a pair of them. Perhaps our microphone is defective, but that seems unreasonable.

What I would really like is a Bluetooth microphone with the normal small wired mic and a small battery pack/transmitter.

Customer Buzz
 "Remote Bluetooth Mike for Sony DVR-DVD403" 2009-04-26
By edofla (Newark, DE United States)
I bought his bluetooth microphone to use on my Sony DVR-DVD403 camcorder anticipating that it would work on my unit since it had a hot shoe similar to the 405 model... and it did. It worked beautifully for picking up the audio from a solo performer who sang and played a guitar. I was about 70-80 ft away up in the balcony with the microphone clipped to the music stand in front of the performer. The audio came thru nice and clear, but unfortunately it also picked a lot of the background noise of waiters picking up dishes, etc. since the performance was near the end of dinner.

Customer Buzz
 "Good sound quality,but a little bulky" 2009-01-30
By Marisa Jackson (Atlanta, GA)
I used this wireless mic for a wedding on the beach recently and it did great. The quality and clarity of the voices was very satisfying. The only thing that was annoying was the bulk of the mic itself. It didn't clip onto the clothes that easily and the blue light on top of the mic you could see. I am not a video guru so it worked very well for what i was doing and you dont have to hold the mic very close so you can shoot the footage and not see the mic,but hear the voice very clearly. Overall a good buy for what i needed.

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Buy Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVR-DVD405, 505, HDR-SR1, UX1 & DCR-SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders Now

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