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Sony LCS-THP/R Soft Leather Carrying Case for Sony DSC-T Series Digital Cameras (Red)

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A color to match every taste and outfit. These clutch-style cases are constructed of high-grade leather for a luxurious look and feel.

Technical Details

- High grade Genuine Leather Soft carrying case
- Comes with hand strap
- Protect camera from scratches and dust
- Cyber-shot logo on the metal
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Customer Buzz
 "Nice case but beware of other sellers!" 2009-06-29
By Leiwei the Fat Panda (Fatty California Bamboo Forest)
This Sony leather case for the T series of cameras is nice and it's a dark red like the pictures. I went to BestBuy to get one for $39.99 w/ tax. It costs the same on Amazon the only difference being shipping and no tax. It's entirely leather with a nice texture akin to what you might feel/see from LV bags. The strap is also entirely red.

Why does the product get a 2/5 stars then? Well beware Amazon shoppers! Just because the other sellers are advertising the product for cheaper than Amazon's price doesn't mean they carry genuine goods! I originally purchased this item through one of the other sellers that offered it for less than Amazon's price. What did I get? A camera case that looked clearly like a knockoff [or perhaps is one]. The outside was a candy red and the inside was some white cotton/felt fabric. The strap was also candy red but the "Sony" portion of it was white. And the elastic part of the strap was pink. WTF? Also the leather was wrinkled, shriveled, and did not feel like leather at all. Don't want to return to seller because it won't be refunded in full unless it is a "defective electronic." Clearly a case is not electronic and will be subjected to restocking fees. Also I would've had to pay for shipping to send it back. Do yourself a favor and purchase from Amazon directly!

Edit: Seller looked at available stock and confirmed product not to be genuine.

Customer Buzz
 "Nice case, doesn't fit the W170" 2008-10-09
By Delamaine (Seattle Eastside)
I was taking a chance ordering this, since it's clearly marketed for T-series cameras, but these days so many cameras are so similar in size that I really hoped it would work on my red W170. But the camera is too thick for the case. Nice quality, though.

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Buy Sony LCS-THP/R Soft Leather Carrying Case for Sony DSC-T Series Digital Cameras (Red) Now

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