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Sony LCS-SRC Carrying Case for HDD Handycam Camcorders

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This versatile case provides quick access to your camcorder's hand strap even when closed. Features an updated webbing interface design for attaching the included spare battery pouch or other cases. Comes with a shoulder strap and belt loop.

Technical Details

- Durable, holster-style case can be worn on a waist belt
- Can be worn with the supplied shoulder strap.
- Features access to camcorder via holster-style design
- Includes a small pouch for carrying an extra battery
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Customer Buzz
 "A sleek, quality case that fits my Panasonic hdc-hs300K 120gb camcorder" 2009-09-15
By P. Manos (Encino, CA USA)
I got this case for my Panasonic hdc-hs300K camcorder and it fits it like a glove! For those of you owning the Panasonic brand mini camcorders, rest assure this case will be a perfect fit for them. Also, the battery pouch fits the vw-vbg130 battery just fine, so you'll be covered on that front,as well.(It looks big enough to fit the bigger battery- vw-vbg6,too) Easy access, shoulder strap, the case is labeled soft, but I'd say it's semi-soft and feels tough enough, unless a 300 lbs -football player or your aunt sits on it :-). I would get an extra plastic zipper bag or some other protective device to cover the case,in case of rain. Anyway, great buy and good choice product for those of you, who need a quick "in 'n' out" access, without carrying all the add-ons (cables, chargers, lights,etc..).

Customer Buzz
 "Small for Extras" 2009-07-11
By J. Rajeshvincent (New Jersey)
I used this for a Sony HDR-SR12, if you are planning to use it with any extra lens or larger batteries then the case is quite a challenge. My HDR fell popped out of the case and now I am looking at a $450 service charge to get it fixed. Without any extras the case is perfect for Sony HDR-SR12, fits nicely.

Customer Buzz
 "Not for HDR-HR500V/520V, no memory stick slots." 2009-06-09
By Allen C. Huffman (Des Moines, IA USA)
I will give this a good review, since it is basically the same type of case I had for my HDR-CX7/CX12 cameras, but... some issues.

1) I bought this case for my new Sony HDR-XR500V HD hard drive/memory stick camera. When it arrived, I was disappointed that it no longer had the two velcro pockets inside the lid for two memory sticks. I guess they assumed that since this was for "hard drive" cameras, there was no need for those slots, but the XR500V uses both memory stick and hard drive, and I usually record to memory to save the hard drive from a crash (unless I really need the long time -- the HD is a backup for me).

2) I found out this will not even work with the XR500V. The handle slot is centered in the case, but the XR500V has the handle near the bottom, so it slides in at a very awkward angle. A reviewer for the XR500V points this out, and suggests the LCS-DAB case instead.

So, no memory card slot, but probably good for someone with the right camera. My previous comments remain:

Great for those with no accessories other than a spare battery. Need anything else, like lens cloths? No place for them, and Sony does not sell the pouches separately so you've had to rig your own.

I am returning mine to Amazon (great customer service for them, by the way!) and ordering the DAB model for my camera.

Customer Buzz
 "Fantastic Case!" 2009-05-18
By J. Wilson (Utah)
This allows me to fully protect my Handycam with a minimum of bulk. It is more like a holster than a case. The extra pouch is great for carrying a spare battery or two. The only disadvantage to this case is there isn't much room if you want to carry extra accessories like a small video light.

Customer Buzz
 "Good solution to take camcorder along" 2009-05-17
By JR Bib (SC, USA)
Perfect holster to attach to your belt and take your camcorder along. Used it at Six Flags to film my kids in rides and it was a great solution to avoid a bulky bag. Only limitation is that it just holds the camcorder and an extra battery, but it's really all you need for an outing where you will not be filming more than two or three hours.

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