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Opteka "Hercules" X-Large Pro Aluminum Hard Case for Video Cameras / Camcorders

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The Opteka OPT-HC15 professional series photographic case is vital to the protection of film, digital or video cameras, lenses and lighting equipment. Opteka cases have been put through countless hours of field use to ensure survival and functionally. Manufactured to the rigorous standards of all Opteka products, they feature high quality dense foam, moveable interior dividers as well as two foam pads which can be easily shaped to accommodate specific equipment. Ultra-strong lightweight construction includes metal key locking clasps.

Technical Details

- Designed to hold 1-2 camcorders along with 1-4 lenses and plenty of room for more accessories
- Construction from reinforced aluminum with PVC side-panels and 2 heavy duty hinges - Superior Protection
- Pre-cut adjustable foam allows you to custom your layout. Also includes padded removable/movable dividers. The foam and dividers can be used in any combination
- Built-in duel locks with key, detachable shoulder strap
- Outside 18 1/8 x 12 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches / Inside 17 1/2 x 12 1/8 x 6 inches
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Customer Buzz
 "This is not X-Large! it's tiny!" 2009-09-18
By Jeffrey Bonano (Reno, NV)
How you can fit a GL-1 or any pro consumer camcorder plus accessories, plus have extra room is beyond me. I ordered it and for some reason I thought I could fit that kind of camera equipment in it. I was wrong...unless you take out all the padding, then sure it would work. I would only recommend this for small hand held camcorders or digital cameras. If you want proper protection don't get this one for your larger camcorders!

Customer Buzz
 "Good case. Very flexible" 2009-08-11
Case is working perfectly for camera, mic, cords, etc. . . .

Of course, I don't throw the case in and out of a van all day like some of the other reviews apparently do. This case is great for protecting your stuff, but don't expect it to last through an African safari or something. lol.

Loved all of the small cubes that can be removed to create the exact space that you need. Very customizable.

Customer Buzz
 "Owned for 2 months. Falling apart already" 2009-06-18
By Russ Johnson (Florida, USA)
I purchased this case to house my video camera, an IR light and a few other accessories that I use for paranormal investigations. In under two months, the case began to come apart and I had to use Epoxy all along the back edge and at all of the corners to keep it together. I am purchasing a Pelican case to replace this one! I would not recommend this case for anyone who is wanting to keep something valuable like cameras in it as you never know when it will just come apart. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

I wish I could post a photo with this review!

Customer Buzz
 "Don't Buy" 2009-06-09
By Ulysses Johnson (Miami)
If I could pick no stars I would, the whole side of the case around the hinge is coming OFF. The top is coming off.

If you care about your Item spend the extra money


Customer Buzz
 "Great Looking Case for Your Camera" 2009-03-25
By M. Hanlen (York, SC)
I use this case for a Canon GL1, a wide angle lens, a few batteries, and it's charger. And there's still room to spare. The exterior of the case looks great, and it seems well made. I would have given it a 5-Star review if it weren't for the somewhat flimsy foam inside. If you often store your camera case the way it's shown in the picture and have a heavier camera, you need to leave quite a bit of foam around the camera for support. Because there is quite a bit of room inside, you may be tempted to remove a lot of the foam to make several pockets. This may be disadvantageous because it will weaken the foam support around the main camera, and after a while thinner rows of foam will break free and not hold the camera in place. Make sure you plan accordingly before you remove the foam. I would recommend storing the camera closer to the hinges rather than the handle, so it doesn't put a weight strain on the weaker foam in the middle.

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