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Sigma EX DG 67mm Multi-Coated UV Filter

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UV filter cuts haze for sharper black and white prints and corrects the blues and violets in color prints. The multi-coated filter reduces reflection and is designed to be used with multi-coated lenses to protect and reduce excess UV. Multi coated UV filter is designed for outdoor photo, portrait photo and snap shot photo. UV filter has a filter factor of zero and requires no change in exposure.

Technical Details

- Sigma UV Filter blocks the invisible UV component of light from the sky
- UV Filters are ideal for photography in high altitudes (in the mountains), by the sea and in regions with very clean air
- Pictures gain brilliance
- Protection for the front element of your lens
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Customer Buzz
 "use this filter as lens protector" 2009-09-08
By Richard Dulkin (Clayton, CA)
This product performs as expected, used for lens protection with

minimum photographic distortion or impact. Does the job.

Customer Buzz
 "Very high quality" 2009-02-20
By Alex Delgado
This was the first multicoated filter I got and you can really see the difference. Don't put cheap filters on your expensive lenses, this sigma filter has very high quality and I guess that might be the reason amazon has it for more than twice of what it was when I bought it...

Customer Buzz
 "The Best Threaded Glass UV Filter I Have Owned" 2009-01-03
By PJ (GTA, Canada)
In August 2008, I was going to buy the B + W F-Pro UV 010 Double Coated filter for my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens. But, the salesperson suggested I try the new-to-his-store Sigma DG 58mm Multi-Coated UV Filter for $10 less than the B + W. If I wasn't happy with the results, he would exchange it for the B + W.

After a couple of weeks of shooting, it wasn't necessary to switch. I have used Hoya, Tiffen, Nikon, and B + W UV glass filters of varying threaded diameters in the last 4 decades. Surprisingly, this Sigma is the best threaded glass UV filter I have owned.

Customer Buzz
 "Comparable to more expensive filters" 2008-11-30
By P. Saini (New Jersey)
I tend to stay away from filters 30 dollars or less, but thought I would give this one a shot. It looks and feels well built and performs well on both zooms and prime lenses. I usually go with higher end tiffen filters (the digital ht line), but ended up being really happy with this. It has become a semi-permanent filter on the kit lens that came with my camera. Note that this does not come with a protective case, so have one handy.

I'd recommend this for lenses in the price range of 300 to 500 dollars. Anything above that, I'd highly recommend checking out the tiffen digital ht line. They are a bit pricey, but nothing matches them for durability and performance.

Customer Buzz
 "Good quality filter" 2008-09-01
By Marek Wianecki (NY, USA)

Im not professional photographer but in my opinion this is a great filter. I had no problems with cleaning and surface is still not scratched :)

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Buy Sigma EX DG 67mm Multi-Coated UV Filter Now

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