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squaretrade 3-year mp3 warranty plus accident protection (mp3 players $175-200)


Buy Cheap SquareTrade 3-Year MP3 Warranty Plus Accident Protection (MP3 Players $175-200)


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Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) guards you against life's little mishaps, whether you drop your cell phone on the street or splash coffee on your laptop.  ADH must also be purchased within 30 days of when you bought your item. ADH coverage begins on the 31st day after the item's purchase - issues in the first 30 days are not covered. Upon purchase, you will get an email confirmation.  You will not be mailed a paper contract.  If you have questions, please call: 1.877.WARRANTY.



Technical Details

- 3 years of drops / spills protection.Starting from item purchase date.

- SquareTrade will fix the item or pay you the full replacement cost of the item.  $50 deductible when claiming on a damaged item.

- Free two-way pre-paid shipping for mail-in service.  5 day service guaranteed!

- Common MP3 player failures include hard drive failure, battery failure and LCD screen burn-out.

- SquareTrade will email your contract within 24 hours and let you store your receipts with us for a paperless claims process.

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Customer Buzz


 "Won't go with out it!!!" 2010-03-24

By Lisa A. Eustice (Arizona)

I will NEVER go without a warranty from SquarTrade! Even items I buy at stores!!!

Customer Buzz


 "Square Trade" 2010-03-18

By Bob Berger (near Flint, MI)

Square Trade ROCKS!

My iPod stopped taking a charge and the battery can't be changed. I had a cheap warrenty plan with Square Trade and they paid me the same amount I paid for the item. Now I can buy another iPod or just take my money and walk.

Thank you Square Trade!


Customer Buzz


 "the best" 2010-03-09

By Dianne Diaz (staten island, ny United States)

I have had squaretrade for years and they have the best rate and excellent service within days your your claim is settled and you are on your way to getting a replacement. wonderful company

Customer Buzz


 "Great investment especially during these tough times!" 2009-08-08

By Bethany L. Romeo (Columbus, GA United States)

One of the buttons on my iPod Nano quit working after 11 mos. I filed a claim with SquareTrade and my full amount was reimbursed within one week. They even supplied the UPS return shipping label at no extra cost to me. During these times with money being so precious, it was well worth the investment!!!! Easy and fast service!

Customer Buzz


 "Great Turnaround, Must Have!" 2009-08-07

By A. Yee (Los Angeles, CA)

My MP4 player went bad after a year. I submitted a claim to Squaretrade and they reviewed my claim; I got a reimbursement for the entire purchase amount within a week. Absolutely painless! This is a must have and it's a lot cheaper than the OTHER companies that offer extended warranty.

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Buy SquareTrade 3-Year MP3 Warranty Plus Accident Protection (MP3 Players $175-200) Now


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