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Sony MPK-WD Marine Pack for Select W Series Digital Camera (Clear)

Buy Cheap Sony MPK-WD Marine Pack for Select W Series Digital Camera (Clear)

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Waterproof housing for DSC-W150,W170 and W300 Cyber-shot digital still cameras.

Technical Details

- Compatible with DSC-W150,W170 and W300
- Up to 132 feet deep
- Basic camera functions available while in use
- LCD hood and hand strap included
- Waterproof housing for selected W series cameras
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Customer Buzz
 "solid first underwater case" 2009-10-25
By John (LA, CA, U.S.A.)
Works great. Full functionality of the camera is supported.

One tip though. Read through all of the instructions thuroughly or your pictures will be disappointing.

Also, invest in desecant packets to put in the case with your cammera so there is no condensation.

Customer Buzz
 "Fantastic product" 2009-10-13
By Mark Ruark
--I have never reviewed a purchase before, but I feel I must comment on this one. It works better than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised. From a cost perspective, it is well worth the investment.

--On a previous diving trip in April '09, I purchased 6 rolls of 35mm film to use in an existing underwater camera I was using. Upon return, I paid to have all of those developed plus put onto a CD-rom for e-mailing purposes. All of that cost ~$100 and I still have not e-mailed any pictures 6 months later.

--As for the sony underwater housing, I up-loaded pictures to a website within hours of being on the dive boat and everybody had seen them before dinner that night.

--It works well for both pictures and movies underwater. All of the controls are easy to use underwater and the pictures were very, very good.

If you are debating whether to buy or not (as I was in July 2009), you absolutely must purchase this. You will not regret it.

Customer Buzz
 "." 2009-09-30
By Paula M. Cortes Caballero (Chile)
Tenía un miedo terrible a cerrar la caja y luego sumergirla pero una vez que me atreví comenzó lo entretenido.

creo es importante hacer la prueba previa sin la cámara, así te convences de que no corres peligro.

bajé 10 metros con ella y no tuvo inconvenientes, saco buenas imágenes y videos.

yo tengo la w150. que no tiene modo underwater, y quede bastante conforme. ya es una ventaja poder bajar con la camara. el resto lo hace el fotógrafo creo yo. me imagino que alguna ventaja tendrá tener la w300 que si tiene el modo.

luego creo que hay que ser religiosamente cuidadoso en el mantenimiento del o-ring y no tendras sorpresas desagradables. enjuagarla luego de usarla y conservarla con cuidado.


Customer Buzz
 "Fabulous!" 2009-04-19
By Jessica D. Smith
I bought this product 4 days before leaving for Australia. I wanted a housing to use while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. It arrived on time and worked wonderfully! No leaks, no worries. All camera functions were fully accessible. The only issue was with the flash not being able to be fully utilized. This wasn't a huge problem during my visit - we were in shallow water during the day... but if it was darker or deeper it may have been an issue.

Customer Buzz
 "Expand the your DCS-W150, W170, W300 for under water pix" 2009-03-22
By H. Rose (Chicago, IL USA)
This under water housing is an inexpensive way to expand your Cybershot camera for underwater use. I have used this enclosure with a Cybershot W170 for about a year in places like Bonaire and Cozumel for scuba diving to 110 ft and it protects and functions flawlessly.

The case allows you access to all the camera controls, comes with everything you need and has a glass lense cover for clarity. The case does block the flash but the included diffuser spreads light adequately for close-up shots even at night. If you want better color saturation definetly get a strobe.

What makes the DSC-W170 such a great match to this this housing is the superior Zeiss optics, 10 mg photos, 5x Optical zoom, movie mode and best of all an underwater mode with several color correction options to reduce the blue or green you typically get in deeper water.

If you want to start taking under water pictures, like the convenience of not having to buy a bulky underwater camera (dual use cameras are usually chunky), all for well under $400 dollars, this duo (DSC-W170/MPK-WD) can't be beat.

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Buy Sony MPK-WD Marine Pack for Select W Series Digital Camera (Clear) Now

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