Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sony LCS-CSVA/B DSC Leather Carrying Case (Black)

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Protect your Cyber-shot from dust and scratches in style with this genuine leather flip top case with metal accents.

Technical Details

- Pressed leather to create a stylish look
- Protects the main unit from scratches and dust
- Matching wrist strap
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Customer Buzz
 "Nice cover" 2009-08-21
By Vince Biasiotta (Cleveland, Oh)
I purchased this cover for my Sony W220 digital camera, it is not really a carrying case as you may think, it simply covers the camera and uses a replacement strap that you attach to the camera itself. It is attractive and fits the w220 perfectly, and it is has proven to be a very nice storage cover but I would hesitate to carry this only. It is not sealed on the topof either side,it does cover the front and rear of the camera very well. To me it seams more like storage case while you keep it in whatever you may be carrying it in. Magnetic front cover works well and has a good cling, does not just flop open as you might come to expect from magnetic lids.

I think this would be a better value for less money, but it is what it is, a very attractive leather case for your sony digital camera. If it sealed the top of the sides better I would have given four stars, and if the price was about 25.00 I would have given 5.

Customer Buzz
 "Great looks, a little big for T-90" 2009-06-30
By Ralph (San Diego, CA)
This is a great products, it's just a little big for a T-90, i also wish it had a belt holder.

Customer Buzz
 "Nice quality but has its flaws" 2009-03-18
By J. Weisshaupt
First, I bought this hoping it'd fit my T700. I wanted it to fit like a glove as I've read other cases do. Unfortunately, I could fit two T700s in here if I wanted to. Lots of extra room.

Second, Sony obviously didn't design the strap on this case to go with the stylus that comes with the camera. The strap is too wide and though the stylus goes on, it's really not supposed to.

Finally, the "strap loop" isn't as convenient as you'd think. The strap does not easily slip through it, so it's not like you can whip the camera out of the case and the case just slides down on the strap. It takes work and seems like it's not worth it.

So, the quality of this case? Great. It's very nicely made. Just not a snug fit and not all that functional.

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Buy Sony LCS-CSVA/B DSC Leather Carrying Case (Black) Now

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