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Nikon LensPen Pro Cleaning Kit + Spudz Microfiber Cloth + Lens Cleaner Fluid + Air Blower

Buy Cheap Nikon LensPen Pro Cleaning Kit + Spudz Microfiber Cloth + Lens Cleaner Fluid + Air Blower

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The Nikon LensPen Pro Kit includes everything you need to keep your optics in peak condition. There are two LensPens - the Standard size pen for cleaning larger lens surfaces and the Micro pen for compacts LCD displays and rangefinders. The Dry Anti-Fog Cloth is a reusable cloth that utilizes a breakthrough dry compound that stops condensation from forming on lens surfaces. You will get over 200 applications from this cloth! The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is anti-static for cleaning the housings of optics equipment and more.The 6x6-inch soft microfiber cloth will remove smudges and other surface grime from your delicate optics. The real innovation however is the attached water-resistant neoprene pouch that keeps the cloth dry and protected from dust dirt and other contaminants that could otherwise lead to scratches. And for added convenience the pouch features a simple clip that makes transportation a snap.Use this Nikon Lens Cleaner to keep your lenses glasses binoculars and other photographic glass clean and fresh. It is safe and effective and perfect for camera lenses binoculars snow goggles glasses and more!

Technical Details

- KIT INCLUDES 4 PRODUCTS -- All Brand New Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories + Full USA Warranties:
- <#1> Nikon LensPen Pro Cleaning Kit PLUS +
- <#2> Nikon Spudz Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth +
- <#3> Nikon Lens Cleaner Fluid Spray Bottle +
- <#4> Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower
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Customer Buzz
 "Everything you need is included" 2009-10-07
By TedW

1. It includes everything to clean your camera.

2. The small case is very convenient.


1. It was shipped by USPS which is slower than UPS. Shipping is not free.

2. The Nikon mirofiber cloth is not good for cleaning lens. It will leave small fiber and dust on the lens surface if apply the cleaning fluid. I have to re-clean it with a dry part of the micofiber and the air blower.

3. How to keep the microfiber clean seems a problem, especially after applying the cleaning fluid.


Also buy some lens cleaning paper if you are serious for your lens.

Customer Buzz
 "It works." 2009-08-21
By E. Otoide
Everything I need to clean a camera.

Good quality supplies.

Customer Buzz
 "Good quality all around cleaning kit" 2009-06-05
By D. Vaughan
I bought a new digital SLR and needed a cleaning kit. This is a good kit with good quality cleaning supplies, plus the case is nice, keeps everything clean and intact. Has everything I need.

Customer Buzz
 "Great cleaning kit!" 2009-02-04
By Joao Brasil (Modesto, CA USA)
This is a great package of stuff for keeping your SLR clean! It came with every thing you need to ensure your lenses are clean and ready to go whenever you need them! I am so glad i bought this set!

Customer Buzz
 "Must have..." 2009-01-26
By n8 (Cali)
If you have an expensive DSLR you need this product if you want to keep it looking brand new.

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Buy Nikon LensPen Pro Cleaning Kit + Spudz Microfiber Cloth + Lens Cleaner Fluid + Air Blower Now

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