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Sony LCM-TGA Semi Soft Carrying Case for Camcorders

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With Sony¿s ¿just fit¿ sizing to safely hold your camcorder without added bulk. The case features a handy Memory Stick media pocket plus offers a belt loop for hands-free carrying.

Technical Details

- Sleek flip-top camcorder case
- Specific design for camcorder
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Customer Buzz
 "Luxury feel to match the Sony TG1 & TG5V cameras" 2009-08-29
By Russell Kintner
This is a very stylish case to match the tiny Sony TG1 & TG5V cameras. The dark brown leather is a nice change from the usual black and gives it a richer feel that is further enhanced by the brushed stainless accents on the sides and flap. My TG5V fits snugly and the case is semi hard which should provide decent protection. The interior is lined with something like moleskin rather than the usual felt which again contributes to a feeling of quality. In all, the case is well matched to the camera in style and quality.

However, my case will mostly be used for storage and transport in a suitcase. In use, the case as sleek as it is, adds enough bulk that the camera will no longer fit in a pocket comfortably unless you're wearing cargo pants. And that was one of the big draws of the TG5V for me. That means you're left with the belt loop to hold the camera on your hip which cam be uncomfortable for me and exposes the camera to theft given the light touch magnetic catch on the case and it looks a little nerdy as well. For most occasions, I will carry the camera in a little black drawstring bag that came with my Nikon flash. It fits perfectly, adds almost no bulk, and protects from scratches if not drops. The drawstring makes for a quick extraction from a pocket as well.

Customer Buzz
 "Makes using the camera a snap" 2009-08-22
By Brayton Fisher (San Francisco, CA USA)
I wore it all over Greece. I recommend putting the thin leather strap on the camera, then getting the camera ready is as easy as grabbing the strap, flipping up the magnetic flap, and pulling out in one swift motion. Much better than having it in your pocket.

Customer Buzz
 "Extremely nice case: sized to accommodate just the camcorder" 2009-07-13
By Donato Pineda (El Dorado HIlls, CA)
Strong enough to protect the camcorder. The magnetic flap is also a good idea to open and close the case although a times flips in such a way that I think it will open and drop the contents. This was a great buy for the camcorder!

Customer Buzz
 "Excellent Bag" 2009-05-27
By Alex K
This is a great leather bag. If you have bought the TG1 or planning to buy the TG5V, I say this is a must. When I have it on my belt, I can open it to retrieve the camcorder quite quickly with just one hand. It's semi-hard shell provides the necessary protection but does not make it bulky. Besides, it is very stylish and the finish is excellent. The price is reasonable too.

Customer Buzz
 "Chic, Well built, Stylishness, Elegance, Practical;" 2009-04-30
By B.K. BAZHE, Author of Damages, bazhe.com (NYC)
I love it; Looks great;

It has Stylishness and Elegance,

Beautiful design and very Chic;

And Very Practical for your

slim Sony camcorder;

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Buy Sony LCM-TGA Semi Soft Carrying Case for Camcorders Now

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