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soundfly bt ultimate bluetooth car fm transmitter wma/mp3 player for sd card, usb stick, iphone 3gs & 3g, ipod, zune


Buy Cheap Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter WMA/MP3 Player for SD Card, USB Stick, iPhone 3Gs & 3G, iPod, Zune


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Featuring a sleek new design with a user-friendly interface, Soundfly BT provides a live full duplex communication solution using Bluetooth technology through FM transmission to your FM car radio and allows you to speak to callers through an external DSP microphone. Soundfly BT is pairable with any phone equipped with Bluetooth functionality or a connection to a Bluetooth adaptor. Bluetooth A2DP technology enables wireless transmission of music from your cell phone. If an incoming or outgoing call is made, the music will be paused. The transmission of music will resume automatically when the call is ended. Soundfly BT also lets you listen to sound files such as MP3 & WMA file stored in portable memory devices like USB flash memory & SD card, etc through your car radio speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), so when you receive a phone call, caller id will be displayed on your car stereo, or while listening to music, you can see the song and artist/'s name displayed on your car stereo. Soundfly SD transmits to all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) and memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies. It is equipped with a fully functional remote control. You can answer/end calls, change volume, change frequency, folder shift, fast Forward & Rewind, Repeat or Bookmark your favorite songs through the remote. Note: You need to do iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update on your iPhone 3G for A2DP Bluetooth Stereo connection. Because of iPhone's Bluetooth AVCRP capability, this unit can only support vol +/- and play/pause functions. Track forward or back functions are not supported until it is changed in iPhone's new update



Technical Details

- Simple plug & play - Bluetooth Ver. 2.0: Hands-free, A2DP - Reads MP3 & WMA files

- Transmits on all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) - Memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies

- RDS (Radio Data System): Caller ID and song information on your compatible radio display.

- Standard USB port, SD slot, external microphone & 2.5mm stereo output & input 3.5mm cable included

- Remote features: Answer/End calls, Volume Up & Down, Folder Shift, Fast Forward & Rewind, Repeat,

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Customer Buzz


 "This is an OUTSTANDING DEVICE" 2010-04-28

By V. Edwards (Tacoma, Wa usa)

I first want to start with an update to the amount of folders u can created in the soundfly folder, it's now 99. Second this is an incredible device. Where to start, Sound quality: is outstanding, the reason, way better than expected. Much clearer than normal radio reception, about as close to cd quality I believe u can get from a transmitter. And it seems to enhance the bass when reading the files, at least from a sd card. Product quality: It looks well built, and comes with a standard 1yr warranty. It's the nicest tramsitter i've seen. To Me the main thing is cost effectiveness. What I mean by that is, let's say u have to buy a new stereo that does what this does, You're looking at around $300-$400 min. to get a quality player, some of u use your phone, or mp3 player in ur car to listen to music. Well with replacement batteries on phones going $40-up, having to replace a battery every year will get really expensive, not to mention that most mp3 players have built-in batteries so when it goes so does the player. What r I-Touches go for these days $400? a yr. That based on the demand one puts on a battery, constant charging, discharging, charging using a car charger, all shortin the life on a lithium battery. This is not a full feature mp3 player, but it does have an amazing amount of features that most should love, as I do. The bluetooth is clear, I've spoke with many people, and all when asked have said I sounde fine, and I hear them fine. Also you can plug this in to a input, if your stereo is equip, and I imagine that would probably get u the best sound quality. Also a special note: I kept my stereo on in my car, went into my house, which was at least far enough for me to lose bluetooth connection. tuned my stereo inside home to the same station, and the music came through, Really impressive sense I don't have an antenna hooked up to it. Who does, I have my stereo wired into my cable box, My cable co. gives me a wide range of music choices. If your not expecting a full featured mp3 player, or the World, than you should be happy with this item.

Customer Buzz


 "Wrong choice for IPod or IPhone" 2010-03-26

By Karlos G. C. Correia (Brasilia, DF Brazil)

I had a lot of problems with this FM Transmitter, the Bluetooth function is very poor, the IPod/IPhone integration too.

Customer Buzz


 "Soundfly Disappointed" 2010-03-22

By Charles E. Williams (WARNER ROBINS, GA, US)

I'm totally disappointed with this product. The main reason I bought this product was the posibility of using the phone. However, if I make a call or a call comes in, the volume doesn't go down and you can't hear the person calling. Fact of the matter, instead, the volume goes up.

Disappointed Customer,

Charles E. Williams

Customer Buzz


 "Works better than expected." 2010-03-12

By W. T. Willoughby (Athens, AL)

I bought this for my wife and it works great so far. So great, I am actually considering ordering a second one for my vehicle. I recently used it on a trip from Huntsville, AL to Cincinnati, OH to listen to Pandora on my iPhone 3GS and I had no issues with connection or interference. Sound quality, though not outstanding, was better than I expected from an FM modulator. The Bluetooth speakerphone worked great also once I installed the microphone near the driver's side visor. When located on the dash or farther away voice quality is not great. It would be nice if it had a power out option to power the phone with but it is really not a big deal. I did a great deal of research before purchasing and overall I am happy we chose this model. Also, delivery was on time and as promised. Overall this is a great product I would definitely recommend to others.

Customer Buzz


 "This Awesome because of the remote when the phone rings!!!" 2010-03-10

By Norma Cano

Ok people, here is the deal. If you are not a very "technical" or "techni" kind of person, then this is not for you. But, those who are, and very smart. Then this is for you. Don't expect people when you buy gadgets that everything is "plug and play" in the natural world, cause your just dreaming. When i got this product my phone rang in the car speakers and used the "remote control" and didnt have to find the button on the product or the cell phone. Just press the remote button the remote control and there's the call. Plus, let me know give you a hint, make sure you pre-set your station on your car to the frequency of the Soundfly so that you can get it to really fast. The reason i like it, is this people you can keep your hand on the remote to change the songs on your cell phone on your remote control, its truly cool. Plus, the customer service is awesome and they are very polite. They will give you step by step instruction. I need to add one thing to people who buy new gadgets, please read the instruction before you comment on a product, especially when you don't know nothing about how technology, just admit that your a dinosaurs and still living in the dark ages. I recommend this product. Make sure that you balance your volume on your Soundfly to coincide with your volume on your car speakers so that the balance of the music comes easily. I didn't recommend 5 of 5 is because nothing is perfect and so is technology and we will never close to being perfect in technology, that's because we got along way, but this will come close that and it work very well compared to all the other that read the review. Nothing will come close to this product I'm sure you will be happy, its really impressive and so is the remote control. By the way, it works great with the Nokia 6750 mural.

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Buy Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter WMA/MP3 Player for SD Card, USB Stick, iPhone 3Gs & 3G, iPod, Zune Now


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