Thursday, March 25, 2010

premium crystal clear screen protector for microsoft zune hd 16 gb / 32 gb platinum [accessory export packaging]


Buy Cheap Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Microsoft Zune HD 16 GB / 32 GB Platinum [Accessory Export Packaging]


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This Premium Screen Protector Comes in Accessory Export Packaging with Detailed instructions on back of packaging.



Technical Details

- Includes: Zune HD Custom Fit Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth, Application Instructions.

- QUICKLY and EASILY Applies to your Zune HD.Shield and Protect your Screen from Unwanted Scratches. Heat and Water Resistant.

- Ultra Quality Coating Film. Preserves All Original Color Tones. Shield and protect your OLED screen from unwanted scratches.

- Custom Made Design to Fit Perfectly and Protect your Zune HD 16GB / 32GB Platinum.

- Screen Protector built with Superior LCD Technology to Protect your 3.3 Inch OLED Zune Screen.

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Customer Buzz


 "it was alright." 2010-03-01

By Lucas O. Gosling

it worked perfectly, the instructions weren't very helpful, and i was disappointed i was only receiving one cove, i thought i was buying a package of covers. otherwise the product was great.

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 "Not for me" 2010-02-03


Couldn't get the sticky junk off from the application tab. Also couldn't get the bubbles out. I went through two of these. Ended up picking up a ZAGG protector at a local retailer...100 times better product.

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 "Easy to apply, but not that much help" 2010-01-30

By Robin Schlatter

it's nearly impossible to put the film on without bubbles, so just expect that. It also doesn't look as clean as the actual Zune screen and mine has picked up some scratches already and I've only had it on for a couple of weeks. I would recommend this if you never plan to do any kind of strenuous activity with it. If you do, I'd just opt for a case with a screen protector built in. There's a reason they send you more than one protector... It's ok, not great, but ok. Your Zune won't get scratched, but you also lose some quality.

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 "Horrible" 2010-01-24

By B PIG (exeter, RI, US)

this is a horrible product that is made for one of the greatest MP3s EVER. I LOVE MY ZUNE, but this product ruined my screen. DO NOT BUY.

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 "screen protector" 2010-01-17

By Stella D'onofrio (Belleville, MI)

You need a protector and I would get the 3 pack because its easy to screw up installing this thing. It only goes on one way...

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Buy Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Microsoft Zune HD 16 GB / 32 GB Platinum [Accessory Export Packaging] Now


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