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soundfly sd wma/mp3 player car fm transmitter for sd card, usb stick, mp3 players (ipod, zune)


Buy Cheap Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune)


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Soundfly SD lets you listen to sound files such as MP3 & WMA file stored in portable memory devices like USB flash memory & SD card, etc through your car radio speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), so while listening to music, you can see the song and artist's name displayed on your car stereo. Soundfly SD transmits to all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) and memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies. It comes with fully functional remote control. You can also transmit music from other Mp3 players such as iPod, Zune etc. Just plug USB or SD card in Sound-Fly & Enjoy music!



Technical Details

- Transmits on all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) - Memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies

- Simple plug & play - Powers on & off automatically or with button - Reads MP3 & WMA files

- USB port (reading data, not charging) & SD slot & 2.5mm stereo input - 3.5mm cable included for use with iPod, Zune, mp3 players

- Remote features: Folder shift - Fast Forward & Rewind - Repetition of defined Section- Shuffle - Bookmarking

- ID3-tag information via RDS: View song information on your compatible radio display.

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Customer Buzz


 "is a good product and you can enjoy a lot music is real nice" 2010-03-20

By Oreste Cabrera (nevada usa)

is ok ,,is nice ,,the sound is so goo ,,maybe the price is so high,,but everything is ok

Customer Buzz


 "An absolute must have" 2010-03-19

By Fred A. Bowery (Kingsport, TN. USA)

I own a 2005 Tahoe, which doesnt have an iPod plug. This device allows me to use an 8GB USB drive to play tons of music. Much easier than CD's. Sound quality is very good. Not CD quality but close. Store your songs in folders with 20 songs per folder and the device easily recognizes them. I also have RDS in the Tahoe and this device interfaces with that as well. For the money this cant be beat. Much easier than trying to use an iPod transmitter. This has no wires and is easy to use. Only negative I can say is instructions are minimal. Device has many functions that are not well described in instructions.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Purchase" 2010-03-19

By Sean D. Haugh (USA)

I was a little leery of buying an mp3 transmitter, having never used one before, but that went away immediately. Extremely simple to use, it worked right out of the box, and the Soundfly even accepted my 16G SDHC card although SDHC isn't technically listed as something it supports. There is an occasional bit of crackle in the sound but that is endemic of all these types of devices. The only real complaint I could muster about the Soundfly is that if you shut off the car mid-song and then restart it, it starts the song over from the beginning. But that's a minor issue at best. Excellent product!

Customer Buzz


 "Quality Product" 2010-03-19

By N. Vega

I was impressed by the many features that came in this small product. It was worth the money I paid to be able to play not only my MP3 player, but also music from my USB drive and SD card. The sound quality is good and I haven't had any problems with finding a frequency that plays my music clearly. My only complaint is the length of the cord provided to hook up an MP3 player. It's only a few inches long and so it's a little difficult to find a spot to place my MP3 player. My lighter outlet is located in an awkward place so this may not be a problem for many users. Other than that, I love it!

Customer Buzz


 "The VERY BEST FM transmitter out there." 2010-03-15

By M. Aquino (The States)

I had given up looking for FM transmitters for my Zune. The brand one was just awful (low sound and very prone to interference). Others were more expensive and had the same problems. I thought my only other option was to get a car stereo with inputs. I bought this one based no the reviews and was quite skeptical about how it would perform.

Read the instruction manual, plugged it in, connected my Zune to it..AND I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

The sound quality was comparable to that of a very good and clear FM station. I have used it for a week so far in the Denver area and I have not had any problems with cross-talk for another station or any other sort of interference. You can search the entire FM frequency range and store the ones that work for you in memory, unlike other transmitters which come with 5-7 preprogrammed stations, and if they are all taken in your area you're SOL. You can also control Bass and Treble directly on the transmitter, which is another plus since the Zune seems to output a lot of this and it saves you having to change the equalizer settings each time you switch from the transmitter to the radio or CD.

My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that there is a muffled static sound if nothing is playing, or if you listen to Jazz or Classical music with silent parts this will be noticeable but not to the point of ruining your listening experience. It's not a deal-breaker for me, just would be nice if there was some way to get rid of it. Could be any number of things. I will have to test in another car.

I have not tried the SD card or USB dlash drive reader yet but for the quality I am getting for the Zune alone makes it worth the money. Since I have only had this for about a week I will update this periodically based on my experiences with other scenarios. I will be taking a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer so that should provide a lot more info.

Right now I am VERY impressed with it, so I do recommend getting it.

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Buy Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune) Now


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