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premium black thick gel silicon skin for the microsoft zune hd 16, 32


Buy Cheap Premium Black Thick Gel Silicon Skin for the Microsoft Zune HD 16, 32


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This premium silicon skin will protect your device from scratches and scuffs, keep your device looking like new. This long-lasting durable thick gel skin is made with top grade silica gel, not only protects your device, but also giving it a nice soft comfortable surface. With openings for all buttons and connectors, the device is fully functional equiped with this skin. This is the perfect skin if you want high quality material combined with skilled craftmanship.



Technical Details

- Premium-grade think gel silicone skin for Microsoft Zune HD 16, 32

- Custom fit case with openings to access all buttons

- Easy-fit soft silicon skin to help prevent scratches, chips and dirt

- It molds perfectly to device's shape to highlight its beauty

- Special cool black color silicon skin to spice up your MP3 Player!

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Customer Buzz


 "Ok" 2010-03-18

By Jennifer Castro (California)

I bought this product due to low cost and as a temporary case till I upgraded to a better one. Its ok for the price. It is one of those armband cases. I thought is was pretty thick but It is pretty flimsy and doesn't seem like it would protect my ZuneHD if I drop it. The two slits you part the armband in will tear easy if your not careful when you pull it out of you pocket. This case seems like it will tear easy around the sync port,headphone port and on the back. Shop around for other products before you consider this one.

Customer Buzz


 "A great decision" 2010-03-02

By Jacob D. Pusch

I am very content with this purchase. The Zune software proves to be unique with a very convenient layout and fantastic works of art. The zune hd is much more lighter than the ipod touch. It keeps up with the ipod touch in almost every aspect, with apps being the only exception. If zune would have produced this fine piece of equipment before apple released the touch, zune would no doubt have the upper hand in the mp3 market.

Customer Buzz


 "Can't go wrong with this one." 2010-02-23

By Pete (Aurora CO)

Hands down this is the best case for the Zune HD considering the price. The silicon case isn't wobbly or bulky, it fits the Zune HD perfectly. This will prevent your Zune HD from getting scratches. Mine is already all scratched up, from putting it in my pocket along with the house keys and I regret not buying this earlier. This is a definite must if you want to take care of your Zune HD.

Also Makes the 32GB look better as I like the black better as opposed to the silver color.

The only down size is that it doesn't cover the screen so you'll need to buy a screen cover, but those are inexpensive so no big deal.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Fit and protects well!" 2010-02-12

By M. Carrubba (CT)

Great fitting case and protects the Zune HD very well at a fantastic price. One piece and easy to slip on or off. All the accessory openings are the correct size and the buttons are covered for safety. I highly recommend this product.

Customer Buzz


 "Silicon Skin protection" 2010-02-06

By rocketman (Illinois)

I was looking for something to protect my Zune in the car and easy to work with while driving; and this product gaves me what I was looking for. There is no plastic cover so you must use a protective sheild with this. you can just toss it in your bag and not worry about nicks and other stuff. I also use the flip case with this product it slides right into the case and it sits on my desk at work closed; while it plays my music.The silicon ofers great protection for your Zune when not inside the flip case and it keeps it looking new. Good buy.

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Buy Premium Black Thick Gel Silicon Skin for the Microsoft Zune HD 16, 32 Now


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