Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something On Kids Digital Camera

Many parents may want to buy a digital camera for their child as he/her birthday gift but have no idea on which camera is fitted for their kid. Really, kids digital cameras are perfect gifts for children. These cameras are just fantastic for shooting pic of your children and their friends.

By using children digital cameras, you'll not have to concern that your kids will shoot on a lot of nonsense objects and wasted your money for developing film! For kids digital camera, you could always take the greatest pictures that you want and delete off the rest. Therefore, This enable your kids for carrying the camera anywhere you go, regardless going for daily trip, holidays or just playing around the house.

Kids digital cameras commonly designed with kiddy colors and has a pretty fashionable outlook. Nonetheless, you may want to ascertain the cameras' features prior to buying any kids digital cameras.

I list down 2 sorts of kids digital cameras for your perusal, of course you can incessantly find out even more model by doing you own seeking online.

Disney Pix Click Camera
Features: VGA digital resolution (640 x 480), 1" color LCD screen, a 2x digital zoom, stores up to 200 photos, built-in auto flash (Price about $49.99)

It has a light weight, nice handy feeling while hold in your hands, is secure enough for children as it caters enough features that children can enjoy play around and practicing it.

- No eye viewfinder. You have to look at the LCD screen. Some children love to have their nose and eye pushed up against the camera, this might be not favorable for them as there is no eye viewfinder available for this camera.

- Low resolution. This camera comes with only 3 mega pixels which are of very low resolution, some cell phones are having even higher mega pixels compare to this camera. Shooting a photo without flash are of high contrast. However, if using the flash, it can wash out the subject entirely.

- LCD screen is of bad quality. The images are not really discerning enough while trying to shoot for pictures. Thus you just not able to put a high expectation on the photo's quality.

- No expansion slot available to plug in the memory cards.

Fisher Price kid-Tough Digital Camera - (Price about $50.00)
Features: 1.3 mega pixels, built-in flash, 64MB internal memory, 1.5-inch LCD screen, requires 4 AAA batteries.

This is a very durable digital camera, and you may have a clunky feeling on this camera. Fisher Price touted it is a waterproof camera and the rubberized clutch enable shock protection. The camera features were almost similar to the Crayola camera. Nonetheless, one key difference between them is the shutter button, which Fisher Price camera mounts on the front of the camera and then recesses in a way that could make a less-dextrous kid hard to access.

Another disadvantage is that it does not attached to a strap and you just can't find a way to attach any strap on the camera. That could be quite annoyed as who want to carry a camera all day long during vacation?

Unlike other kids digital cameras like Crayola, Fisher Price doesn't have any fun software. Image quality was just not adequate with the interpolated 1.3 mega pixels resolution. However, with the lower price of this camera, you just can't expect much on the picture quality.

With the 64MB memory, you are able to save up to 500 images. Since it doesn't accept memory card, you can't have any extra storage for your camera, which can be quite frustrated.

Compare to the Crayoloa and the Vtech, this Fisher Price can of more favorable option since it doesn't need a tiny screwdriver to access the battery compartment access.

Advantages: Two-eye viewfinder, durable, waterproof.

- LCD screen is of poor quality and low resolution.
- Hard-to-press shutter button.
- Does not accept SD cards.
- no strap

Hope this article will give you some hint for you when choosing kids digital cameras for your children.

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