Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Buyer’s Guide to Digital Cameras – Part Three

As for standard features, these days virtually all digital cameras will have timers, micro and macro settings, high speed shutters, limited audio and video functions, a panorama shooting mode and more. However, if you’re particularly set on getting certain features on your new digital camera it’s a good idea to double check with the salesman that the one you’re interested in definitely has them before you head off to the till. Something to remember is that size matters. Ultra-compact cameras fit in your shirt pocket whereas giant, digital-SLR combos require their own casing which can sometimes draw unwanted attention from pickpockets. Durability, sadly, is still a serious digital camera shortcoming and it doesn’t take much to damage your precious new gadget. A fall or just a few grains of sand will be sure to end the life of your new digital camera. If you're worried about anything happening to your camera then there are a few on the market that claim to be capable of withstanding anything but you’ll most probably forego picture quality for this and they also tend to be on the heavy side. The best thing to do is to honestly judge how often you’ll use the camera and what your own picture quality needs are. Finally, the potential decision-maker: the all-important price comparison. With rare exception, shopping online will always get you the best price, while buying at a small local photo store may get you the worst price. It’s obviously very important to be able to see and hold the camera you’re thinking of buying first but don’t be tempted to hand over your credit card before you’ve checked the prices online as well.

It’s important to see and hold the digital cameras you’re interested in before you purchase anything as you can get a real feel for the camera but make sure you also shop online as well as this way you can compare the best digital cameras quickly and easily online.

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