Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to buy the best digital camera

Today, Digital cameras have become indispensable entertainment tool to our life. We use the digital camera retain wonderful memories and any good things. The digital camera made our lives become colorful. Like all digital products, digital cameras have an inconceivable speed of development.


Since 1839, the French physicist Daguerre invented the world's first camera; the digital camera already has 168-year history. Compared with traditional camera, digital camera as a novelty brings about change in our lives is enormous, though the history is not long.


In these 168 years, the cameras come from the black and white to color, from traditional silver film to today's digital memory as recording medium. The emergence of digital cameras, bring the digital camera industry into a new era, people's eyes image has been changed completely.


With the improvement of people's living standard, almost every family has a digital camera. You can purchase the camera in any department store or visit digital website online. No matter where you buy, you need to note the following points:


One: Select digital camera does not mean that the higher pixel the better, if the pixel enhancement the size of sensor must rise, otherwise the image quality will decline; I think five million pixels is enough for your family.


Two: Power save is also very important, the digital camera is a large power consumer. The camera will reduce the battery life seriously if you select power consuming machine. When you select a digital camera, the best choice for your digital camera battery is lithium battery. The use of lithium batteries can effectively reduce the thickness of our digital cameras. There are many large-capacity lithium batteries on the digital market.


Three: For the choice of memory cards, personal preference the machine with SD card. Although CF cards are very cheap, but there are too many pins, and the more pins the higher failure rate. MS Cards are all high prices, good performance, but in general still does not worth. XD card is too expensive, do not choose it.


Four: You must pay close attention to your camera lens; we must realize that this is the key to the camera imaging. If you do not know much about the camera lens, then select your camera lens with more well-known cameras.


Five: The most important part for you probably is the price. Although we can afford our cameras but we need an authentic camera and not a fake. So we must pay more attention to the quality.


After you read this article, you may feel that is easy to buy a good digital camera. But, you also need carefully if you are a new buyer. As a modern person, you can buy digital cameras online; there you will have more choice.

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