Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Digital Cameras

Digital is now the format of choice for cameras. So much so that they have now usurped the term "Camera" itself and we now need to specifically mention "Analog Camera" if we wish to refer to that antiquated technology. Or you can affectionately call it a "digicam". For long people have debated the relative costs of digital and analog cameras, and whether it is better to settle for Analog which is cheap in the short term but has the high recurring cost of reels, or get a rather more expansive Digital camera which has next to nil recurring costs. Often the people who settle for Analog do so thinking that it is not worth spending that much extra money when they don't take too many photographs. On the other hand those who do move from Analog to Digital see a sharp increase in the number of photos they take, and why not? It's nearly free! With cameras with up to 10MP becoming mainstream, quality is no longer an issue. Any decent Digital Cameras can now surpass the quality of the shots achieved by Analog cameras, with the added benefit that the resultant images can now be edited with much more ease. Of course if you need to edit images than choosing a Digital camera is a no-brainer! If you go for a fairly modern digicam today you will welcome the added benefit of being able to record videos. Cameras with even HD video capture capabilities are getting cheaper by the day. So what are you waiting for?

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