Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canon IXUS 95 IS Digital Camera - A Perfect Pocket Camera

Several new innovations have taken place with the advancement of technologies. By adapting these technologies, Mankind is successful in introducing user-friendly gadgets that are meeting varied needs of people. Similarly, the digital camera revolution has also fetched several benefits to the photography industry.

Canon is one of the leading manufacturers of digital cameras, who are specialized in offering high end compact cameras that delivers best quality results. Canon has recently launched a new compact digital camera -- Canon IXUS 95 IS, a pocket camera that is built with a stainless steel body having nicely curved edges and sits neatly in the hand like a palm. The camera’s 10 megapixels are much perfect to print large-sized pictures.

Moreover, this new Canon IXUS 95 IS sports a new Smart Auto mode that uses Scene Detection Technology to help users take stunning shots with ease. One of the highlighting features in this gadget is the viewfinder, on which users like to work a lot. Despite the addition of the viewfinder, Canon has still regulated to have a good sized 2.5 inch LCD screen.

Other user-friendly features add auto-red-eye correction when using the flash, while Canon’s i-contrast balances out the picture, when the subject faces out dark foreground and bright background. With the help of image stabilization, users can take sharper pictures and offers framing flexibility through its 3.0x optical zoom. Also, the Canon IXUS 95 IS camera readily supports sizes up to 16GB and this camera is available in four different shades -- silver, grey, blue and pink.

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