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Best Buy iGage All Topo Maps Washington Map CD-ROM (Windows) for - Black Friday Deals & Sale $69.80

iGage All Topo Maps Washington Map CD-ROM (Windows)

iGage All Topo Maps Washington Map CD-ROM (Windows) Feature

  • View, annotate, export, and print map
  • Search by place name or geographic coordinates
  • Display maps quickly to many scales
  • Print in color or black and white
  • Transfer coordinates to GPS receiver; see Product Description for compatibility information

iGage All Topo Maps Washington Map CD-ROM (Windows) Overview

With iGage's All Topo Maps CD-ROM all of your mapping needs for Washington are unified into one simple tool. Professional users, hunters, pilots and recreational users will enjoy instant access to these high-resolution, color images of all the USGS topographic maps.

All Topo Maps have important professional features not available from other products. You can view, annotate, export, and print maps and variable scales using the All Topo map viewer. This fast, full-featured viewing software allows instant map selection using the built-in place name database (or by geographic coordinates), zooming to any scale, instant coordinate display, traced distance measurements, and printing at any scale both in color and black and white.

With the BigTopo tool, you can quickly seam adjacent quadrangles together, removing collars and generating large area coverage maps. BigTopo maps can be exported (royalty free) with georeferenced world-files for use with GIS and CAD applications. Build huge, full resolution topographic maps that completely cover your trip or project's area.

Using the GPS Tool, you can transfer waypoints, routepoints and trackpoints between your GPS and PC. Mark waypoints on maps for transfer to your GPS or use your GPS to mark coordinates in the field and extract them onto the maps.

iGage's All Topo Maps are compatible with the following Garmin GPS receivers: GPS 12, GPS 12XL, GPS 38, GPS 48, GPS II, GPS II Plus, GPS III, GPS III Plus, GPSMAP 162, GPSMAP 168, eMap, eTrex, eTrex Summit, eTrex Legend, eTrex Venture, eTrex Vista, and eTrex Camo.

All Topo Maps are also compatible with the following Magellan GPS receivers: GPS 315, GPS 320, and GPS 330.

Brunton MNS users may need a firmware upgrade to transfer waypoints and tracks; version 2.01 or 2.11 is required.

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