Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best Buy Garmin GPS 16x, HVS for - Black Friday Deals & Sale $84.50

Garmin GPS 16x, HVS

Garmin GPS 16x, HVS Feature

  • High-sensitivity receiver
  • Integrated antenna
  • Waterproof

Garmin GPS 16x, HVS Overview

12 Channels - Serial - OEM

Garmin GPS 16x, HVS Specifications

The GPS 16x sensor features a high-sensitivity receiver, integrated antenna and rugged, waterproof design that makes it useful for a variety of OEM applications. The GPS 16x is a high-sensitivity GPS sensor that replaces the GPS 16.

Get Accurate Data
This high-sensitivity, 12-channel receiver continuously tracks satellites and reports your precise position. It also is WAAS-enabled, so it can determine your precise location to within 3 m (9.84 ft) without using an external DGPS beacon receiver.

Leave Interference Behind
The GPS 16x offers excellent EMI/RFI performance, so you can use it near mobile computing devices and wireless communications equipment without worrying about interference.

What's in the Box
GPS 16x

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