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Best Buy Auto Dashmount Portable Friction Mount for - Black Friday Deals & Sale $24.99

Auto Dashmount Portable Friction Mount

Auto Dashmount Portable Friction Mount Feature

  • Removable Dash-Mountable set-up makes getting started Quick and Easy!
  • Weighted Dashboard Grip Design ensures your Device and Mount are secure
  • Two Neck Attachment Options: FLEX-NECK - a bendable flex-neck and 360 degree rotating holder
  • Fully-adjustable mount can be sized to fit thousands of different devices!
  • Quality guaranteed - 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Auto Dashmount Portable Friction Mount Overview

AutoDASHMOUNT by Accessory Power

The AutoDASHMOUNT is a friction-grip vehicle dashboard mount that sets up in seconds and is made to securely hold your mobile phone, GPS unit, tablet or other devices while you drive.

Fully Adjustable Design
The AutoDASHMOUNT comes packaged with two interchangeable necks and a fully articulating mount to securely display your device no matter what angle you prefer! The mount arms articulate on 3-axis to fit a range of devices in various thickness, width, height and weight. The PIVOT-NECK and FLEX-NECK both support 360 degree rotating views so that you can adjust according to the needs of various apps or viewing angles. and can be disassembled and stowed away when not in use.

Quick and Easy Setup
The AutoDASHMOUNT sets up in seconds! The necks twist onto the base weight, while the mount slides onto the top of the neck. When not in use, the AutoDASHMOUNT can be broken down in seconds and stowed away under your seat or in a case.

Secure Protection
The bottom of the base weight is coated in a non-slip, friction grip rubber that ensures secure mounting even when breaking and taking sharp turns(or driving like James Bond). It's a convenient non-permanent solution that leaves no residue and does not require a formal installation. The mount also has scratch-resistant foam padding on its locking arms to give padded protection to your device while its mounted.

Compatible with: TomTom XL, XXL, GO, Via and ONE GPS Units: 3.5", 4.3" and 5.0" - 130S / 330S / 335TM / 340S / 340TM / 340M / 540S / 540M / 540T / 540TM / 550TM 630 / 730 / 740TM / 1505T / 1535TM / 1435TM / 2405TM / 2505TM and More!

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