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Acomdata 2.5-Inch USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure for SATA Hard Drive HEXXUP-240-BLK (Black) Reviews

Acomdata 2.5-Inch USB 2.0 Portable Enclosure for SATA Hard Drive HEXXUP-240-BLK (Black) Reviews
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Acomdata HDEXXUP-240-BLK 240 USB 2.5" Portable Enclosure Kit for SATA 2.5" Drives - Black

Technical Details

- Acomdata HDEXXUP-240-BLK 240 USB 2.5" Portable Enclosure Kit for SATA 2.5" Drives - Black
- Hard drive enclosure takes a SATA hard disk Hi-speed USB 2.0 48-bit logical block addressing Silent operation Hot Pluggable
- Mac and PC compatible Easy installation and setup
- Three-year limited warranty Free tech support forever
- Printed installation guide
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Customer Buzz
"It works as intended and nicely built" 2010-01-27
By AZ_RUNE (Arizona, U.S.A.)
When I upgraded my gf's HDD in her notebook that left us with a spare 160GB HDD laying around.

Enter the HDD Enclosure and BLAMO! Instant 160GB USB HDD gift for my friend, whom uses it to transfer movies from his tower to his wife's laptop.

He dropped it once on a carpeted floor and plugged it in and it still worked (don't try that people it was an accident - he has children).

All in all a great drive enclosure.

Customer Buzz
"It works great, but I recommend screwless designs" 2010-01-20
By Sylvan (Wisconsin, USA)
I got this enclosure about a week ago. It didn't come with a tool, so I had to get a set of precision screwdrivers before I could use it. Once I had screwdrivers, the screws were so tight that I stripped 3 of the 4 screws holding it together. Now that the case is all in pieces and taped together, the device works perfectly with the 80GB drive I took out of my PS3. I think I will invest in one of the screwless enclosures before my upcoming trip to China.

Customer Buzz
"Great fit, finish and operation" 2010-01-15
By Michael Carnell (Charleston, SC)
I upgraded the hard drive in my MacBook, so I put the 160gig SATA drive from it into this case and it worked just fine. Then reconsidered and took that one out and put an 80 gig drive in it instead. Again, everything worked just fine. The fit of the drive inside is just right so there is no "clunking" around or shifting fo the drive. The screws worked perfectly, and the final product is a very attractive portable drive. Highly recommended and inexpensive!

Customer Buzz
"Spotty drive recognition....required more power input" 2010-01-10
By J. Nixon (Savannah, GA USA)
Bought this based on previous positive reviews. Goal was to clone hard drive of MacBook to larger replacement drive in enclosure and then remove the drive and place it in the MacBook. First problem: Mac wouldn't initially recognize drive in the enclosure to allow me to format it. Finally recognized after I connected both the USB connections simultaneously to provide more power, as the instructions suggested. Using SuperDuper program was able to get new clone on drive in the enclosure. But then the cloned drive in the enclosure wouldn't be recognized by the MacBook when connected by USB. The drive just disappeared. Was about to give up when I took the cloned hard drive out of the enclosure and installed inside the Macbook where it worked fine. So drive was fine inside the Mac but not when inside the enclosure and connected to Mac USB port. I suspect it was because it was only getting sufficient power inside the Mac to be recognized or some problem with the SATA/USB interface in the enclosure. Enclosure/SATA interface was sporadic at best for connecting a hard drive to Mac...problematic getting the drive recognized. I always made sure the 2 USB connections from the enclosure were attached directly to computer USB inputs to get good power, but that didn't seem to be enough. Even though I was only using the enclosure as an interim housing for the drive before inserting in the MacBook, it was useless to then use as advertised as an external drive housing. Returned enclosure. Plan to upgrade drive in my newer Mac Book but have ordered Cables To Go 30504 USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter (Black) expecting it will provide more reliable connectivity to hard drive.

Customer Buzz
"Great product at a fair price." 2010-01-05
By R. Gagnon (Niceville, FL)
Not only does this product serve the basic functions of providing USB connectivity as well as protection from the environment, it also looks good. Installation was simple. The construction is sound. The esthetics are pleasing. Worth the money.

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