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Check Out Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator for $49.99

Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator Review

Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator Feature

  • Keychain style handheld navigator takes you back to a specific starting point--your car, campsite, hotel, trail, dock, house, etc.
  • Ultra-sensitive GPS searches up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds and triangulates the three best to lock in the starting point
  • Displays distance and direction, with a simple arrow to guide user in real time--a press of a button gives you latitude and longitude
  • Charges in 1.5 hours via USB, and provides about 10 hours of typical use or 16 full days on standby
  • Store and instantly recall up to three locations, with a distance of up to 9,999 miles

Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator Overview

The ECCO from Audiovox is a handy little keychain GPS that easily helps you find your way back to your car or other spots. Store up to three locked locations and you'll be guided by a simple interface to where you need to be.

Find your way back to three stored locations at the press of a button.

Brilliant blue LCD display with simple, intuitive interface.

View a feature diagram. Click to enlarge.

Easy to Use
ECCO, the Personal GPS Locator is simple to use. Push the "lock" button to store your location and be on your way. When you are ready to return, push the "return" button and ECCO will guide you back to your saved location from as far away as 9,999 miles.

Brilliant Blue LCD Display
The blue LCD features an ultra-intuitive user interface, displaying an arrow and direction along with count down distance to your saved location.

LED Feedback
Colored LEDs provide additional visual feedback, with green indicating an active GPS signal and red indicating movement in a wrong direction. The red LED also indicates if you've lost sattelite connections due to tall obstructions.

Store Three Locations
ECCO can store up to three separate locations at the press of a button. Your stored locations remain in memory until replaced with a new locked position.

Speedy GPS Reception
The sensitive GPS receiver provides faster acquisition times and improved tracking capabilities, and is able to track up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds. Provides a tracking distance up to 9,999 miles.

Long Battery Life
The ECCO provides about 10 hours of typical use during active tracking, with 16 full days of power on standby. Charging the battery takes about 1.5 hours.

What's in the Box
ECCO Personal Navigation Device, User's Manual, AC Charging Adapter, USB Cable

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